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24 Oct 2020, 00:00:00 (PRT)
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PR Highlights Highlights of what work the Devs are currently working on

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Old 2020-07-19, 11:07   #11
Exclamation Re: v1.6.2 - Update Highlights

Cool update, thank you!

"No airburst for Russia"
However, I'm unhappy with deleting airburst from Russian mortars, I'm afraid it could break balance among other things. But that depends on how much splash radius increase Russian mortars have become for HE FRAG.
So how much of an increase???

Can't wait to see another Soviet Russian 82mm mortar 2B9 Vasilek, which was used in Afghanistan, Chechnya, Syria, Ukraine... In Ukraine insurgents mounted it on Ural, for instance, which wasn't surprising - it weighs almost as much as ZPU-1.)
It's gonna be extremely fun and it would also be in line with bringing Russian artillery "closer to reality" (as per update).
It would be incredibly fun to play with! I foresee balance concerns as it is automatic and fires from 4-shell cassettes, so I feel obliged to suggest possible balance tweaks: make Vasilek spawn with delay and once in 30 minutes, or if that would be not enough one could think of increasing the area attack cooldown time by a minute or two).

"Updated mortars to have 10 second warm up delay after entering."
Why SUCH a nerf? Couldn't we make it at least 5 like with HMGs on cars?

"Removed blood effect when hitting soldier with small arms."

What? Why?

Love the sights fix!
Incidentally, I've been meaning to ask it for ages: why on earth we can only use backup sights on just 1 Russian kit? Also many French kits with FAMAS clearly showing TWO optical sights, with one built in and one "marksman sight".
Another thing that comes in mind is that one doesn't actually have to have the backsight to aim with your gun (e.g. insurgency shotguns). Could be probably get a "sightless" aiming with aligning the gun towards the center of the screen like that as a sane alternative to hip shooting?

"Fixed being able to spawn on any rally point."
Please fix rally points disappearing after a minute EVEN WHEN close to friendly FOB and NOT overrun. That bug is nasty and was kinda okay only because we could use the bugfeature of teamspawning on rallies. One of the main reasons I personally didn't report this bug was this other bug I would call "fobbed rally disapperance".

"heli bugs"
Apropos did you fix instadeath upon entering new Russian heli from behind?
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