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21 Feb 2020, 00:00:00 (PRT)
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Old 2015-07-31, 10:58   #1
Default CTD when entering an APC

Sometimes when i enter an APC ( SOMETIMES ) It crashes i would say there is a 25% chance to CTD when going in to an APC. Doesn't matter what faction if its an APC there is a chance of crashing with tank and AAV aswel but with air assets and normal ground vehicles such as trucks and Humvee it doesn't crash as far as i know
Steps to Reproduce:
Keep going in and out of an APC or change seats

Screenshots / Video:
None, i will post if required.

Tested On:
All maps, All Layers version

Video Settings (if needed):
Doesn't matter (Tested high and low)

Audio Settings (if needed):
Doesn't matter also changed them but i am sure it wasn't necessary.


System Information
  Operating System: Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate  (6.1.7601)
      Architecture: 64-bit
   Current Culture: English (United States)
       Motherboard: Intel Corporation DH55PJ
         Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i3 CPU         540  @ 3.07GHz (Physical: 2, Logical: 4)
            Memory: 4.00 GB
      DIMM Modules: CHANNEL A: 2.00 GB @ 1333 MHz
                    CHANNEL B: 2.00 GB @ 1333 MHz
         Page File: 3.86 GB
    .NET Framework: 4.5+ Release Build: 379893, Runtime: 4.0.30319.34209

Display Information
 Display Device(s): Generic PnP Monitor on NVIDIA GeForce GT 630
   Display Mode(s): 1920 x 1080 (32 bit) @ 60 Hz
    Driver Version: (353.62)
    Display Memory: 2.00 GB
     Multisampling: 2, 4, 8
               DPI: 96 (100%)

Audio Information
  Primary Playback: Speakers (High Definition Audio
 Primary Recording: Microphone (High Definition Aud
  Open AL Renderer: Software
               EAX: True
           EAX 1.0: False
           EAX 2.0: True
           EAX 3.0: False
           EAX 4.0: False
           EAX 5.0: False
             X-RAM: False

Disk Information
      Install Path: D:\Project Reality
                    Free: 25.22 GB, Total: 368.10 GB, FS: NTFS, SSD: False
          Mod Path: D:\Project Reality\mods\pr
                    Free: 25.22 GB, Total: 368.10 GB, FS: NTFS, SSD: False
     Profiles Path: C:\Users\ImoD\Documents\ProjectReality\Profiles
                    Free: 7.89 GB, Total: 97.56 GB, FS: NTFS, SSD: False
    Update DL Path: C:\Users\ImoD\AppData\Local\Project Reality\Project Reality BF2\Downloads
                    Free: 7.89 GB, Total: 97.56 GB, FS: NTFS, SSD: False
   Update Log Path: C:\Users\ImoD\AppData\Local\Project Reality\Project Reality BF2\UpdateLogs
                    Free: 7.89 GB, Total: 97.56 GB, FS: NTFS, SSD: False

Game Information
    Installed Mods: pr
       Current Mod: pr
           Version: Standalone - 1.0
        PR Version:
          Language: english
   Debug Available: False
     Large Address: True
Supported Hardware: None

Profile Information
      Profile 0001: TheBloodSpiller
              Type: Online
 Last Used Profile: True
        View Intro: False
        Fullscreen: True
      Display Mode: 1920x1080@60Hz
Display Mode Valid: True
   Graphics Scheme: Custom
     Multisampling: Off
             VSync: False
   Terrain Quality: Low
   Effects Quality: Low
  Geometry Quality: Low
   Texture Quality: Low
  Lighting Quality: Low
   Dynamic Shadows: Off
    Dynamic Lights: Off
 Texture Filtering: Low
    Audio Provider: Software
    Provider Valid: True
     Audio Quality: Medium
               EAX: False
NOTE : I tried reinstalling PR and updating my driver both of which didn't work.
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