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24 Jul 2021, 00:00:00 (PRT)
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PR:BF2 General Discussion General discussion of the Project Reality: BF2 modification.

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Old 2021-06-08, 00:29   #21
Default Re: We Need More Servers

Is giving your kids admin rights so they can do father son bonding admin abuse and bully other players against the terms of service ? Look at the HOG forums its all in the open.

An unknown fact about HOG is they do give their kids admin rights. Not just one or two, multiple admins on HOG also admin with there sons/family.

So if you have a dispute with one of them your signing up for the son/father admin abuse, which always leads to them bullying you and banning you from the server. Its sad that they do this bullshit there. Family bonding through admin abuse/bullying what a joke. Its not even "Project Reality" anymore its "HOG Reality" because they ban whoever they want from the game if they dont like them. Its not even about rule breaking anymore just constant personality conflicts.

The truth needs to finally come to light about HOG and if you silence it, it will only get worse.
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Old 2021-06-08, 06:12   #22
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Default Re: We Need More Servers

Originally Posted by Joovy View Post
- snip -
If you feel that a servers actions go against the Server License Agreement, Feel free to PM Mats, Mineral,
Nate, or myself with evidence of them doing so.

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Old 2021-06-09, 10:27   #23
Default Re: We Need More Servers

I'd like to see 1 regular EU server just for ping (& variety). Brazil & U.S. is sorted! That said there is expense and its no mean feat to host a server, seed it and admin it well. You need a number of admins to be effective and be online when ppl are playing and they need to be mature enough to deal with all sorts without getting overly emotional.
All that said, I've been playing a while and never ever gotten banned on any servers but Im a grunt, not an asset whore and I suspect thats where most arguments occur.
Kudos to anyone who keeps a server up, keep on keeping them up.
p.s. Just a thought, there are a lot of CO-op servers, could an EU one not do standard play again at times?
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Old 2021-06-24, 17:24   #24
Default Re: We Need More Servers

I had a thought...1 server is good because its generally full. How about HOG & and EU server coordinate times so they both run like 12 hours/14 hrs each during the main play time for that time zone, 12pm noon till say 2am? Then server admins wont need to spend all day on line trying to get seeding going ans server admins will also know in adveance what their active times will be and can plan accordingly. That way US & EU servers get the benefit of best pings during their major play time AND we have a server up and well admin'd 24 hrs. Just a thought, I was thinking this is more of a community than a competitive thing and it might be good for both servers...
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Old 2021-06-24, 20:17   #25
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Default Re: We Need More Servers

Originally Posted by Tommygun View Post
Just a thought, I was thinking this is more of a community than a compettative thing and it might be good for both servers...
I remember you name from a long time ago and I also know you have been away for quite some time

We had that exact thing happening a couple of months ago.
Gamma Group (which doesnt exist anymore) and FCV (which doesnt exist anymore as well) were stopping the server for each other at agreed time to cover both timezones and shared the same pool of Admins if they wished to help the other server, it worked quite well for a few months.

But then the attacks started and it wasnt possible to maintain server up so its HOG 24/7. lt all comes down to will in cooperating rather than competing but thats up to each owner to decide.
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Old 2021-07-22, 00:08   #26
Default Re: We Need More Servers

As the HOG admin abuse's keep adding up and new threads are made (Here and on HOG Forums), I want to point out R-Dev Nate's response to admin abuse on HOG from a recent thread.

R-Dev Nate : "If you have an issue with a specific admin and incident on HOG, go to their forums and make a post, I'm sure HOG Lead admins will take a look, as far as I know they don't like it when Admins micromanage gameplay like that"

That is your response to admin abusing players for building a FOB where they did not want it ?

That is the problem, when the R-Devs see's the admin abuse and does nothing about it at all or fakes like they care and re directs you to HOG forums where you will be treated like trash. R-Devs need to undertstand that HOG bans for what ever fucken reason they want. It doesnt have to be in the rules, it could be the way you talk or even just the way you play the game or like the above Incident "building a FOB where the admin does not want it)

It is clear that you are willing to sacrafice a fair PR gameplay experience and let admin abuse go unnoticed in order to keep the game alive. While letting HOG do whatever the fuck they want. Like I said before change the name to "HOG Reality" and warn new players when they download the game what they are about to experience.

Look on HOG forums right now, they have multiple threads open where an admin banned players for killing them. What a joke, you can only silence the truth for so long.
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Old 2021-07-22, 09:20   #27
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Default Re: We Need More Servers

Originally Posted by Joovy View Post
We are volunteering developers of this mod, we don't run servers.

Please show which other games or mods with dedicated servers that even have a system such as we do with server licensing. This is already much further than most games go in terms of managing servers and the admins that run them. 99% of game developers don't interfere at all with dedicated servers and how they are run. And that is for a very good reason.

We indeed rarely interfere with servers and how they operate. That is by design. We don't pay for their servers, run the day to day operations of server management or admin a 100 player server every day. We don't want to do that. We aren't good at it. We want to mod the game.

The license only exist for extreme cases of abuse of the software we provide or in long term bad management of servers. If we shut down a server each time for an admin making a mistake, good luck finding people willing to run servers long term. There wouldn't be any servers to speak of today and PR would have died a decade ago. That would be actual abuse on our part.

However, what we do have, is a relationship with server owners. And that is what we focus on. Having conversations with them to help them, for them to help us, and to sort out any problems. And yes we do talk about admins showing abusive behaviour as well.

Developers interfering with server operation is always a bad idea, hence we limit our interference. If you don't like that, play on another server, start your own, or go to another recent game where you press a matchmaking button and don't need to deal with admins.

HOG has been the only consistent server for years with a steady population, must be doing something right I guess? But I'm probably just silencing some truth.

Now back on topic on 'we need more servers' or whatever that means. Your personal hatred for existing servers shouldn't be part of that discussion.

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Old Yesterday, 17:02   #28
Default Re: We Need More Servers

This whole thing sounds like you are complaining about a server that is successful that we all can play on without some idiot teamkilling wasting assets ect...
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Old Yesterday, 18:25   #29

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Default Re: We Need More Servers

People complaining about HOG: Some-%
People complaining about HOG and helping to seed other servers: <1%

Kinda weird isnt it. Apparently playing on HOG isnt a big enough issue to change, but big enough to expect change from others

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