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24 Jul 2019, 00:00:00 (PRT)
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Default Contact! - the End of the Campaign!

Contact! - the End of the Campaign!

Congratulations to RIF for winning the sixth and last battle!

After losing bunkers, holding the line was the only option, attrition did the rest for RIF which took the win:

We are awarding 6 points to BGB and 10 points to RIF, bringing the total number of campaign points to:

RIF: 55
BGB: 41

Here is the admins' perspective of the battle

Both teams deployed to their 2nd and first flags, although both expecting a rush had 2 squads on their 2nd flag. It's easy to see where the fight would stand as BGB and RIF squads massed into the central bunkers flag. BGB decided to use their APCs in a central position denying movement towards their 2nd flag, while RIF separated their APCs in the opening of stages of the round.
Spoiler for Phase 1:

Of the two APC strategies, the one of RIF seems to pay off, with an APC sitting in the rear of the Aircraft Bunker flag picking of enemy infantry and engaging an enemy FOB before assaulting directly into the area and taking out an enemy APC. RIF seems to be on a roll moving from bunker to bunker and clearing out the objective unopposed.
Spoiler for Phase 2:

BGB is not deterred by this and quickly erects two fobs with TOWs in overlapping arcs covering the objective. They reinforce their position and relieve the trapped infantry in the last bunker. This produces the first stalemate of the match, with both teams sitting on the flag but neither attacking for a while. Flanking action north of the Bunkers define the outcome of the skirmish and BGB is able to outflank and remove the RIF FOB.
Spoiler for Phase 3:

After clearing and capturing the flag BGB is faced with a 2 pronged attack from RIF, they make short work of the infantry and solidify their line while removing any small units inside their flag or area of operations. At the same time RIF prepares a defensive line to the north between the Radar Post and Aircraft Bunker.
Both teams now face down eachother with some light combat occuring to test the waters of the enemies defense. RIF seemingly makes the decision to stay on the defensive, and naturally BGB is pursuing offensive action. But preparation is slow and action takes time, the longest wait is only broken by extended combat near the river at the South City.
Spoiler for Phase 4:

After the wait BGB launches an attack west of the Radar Post and advances into RIF territory, sadly they are caught between multiple squads reacting to their advance. APC support and infantry resistance closes the corridor in the west. Other BGB squads are more fortunate in the east, but failing to close the gap and coordinate with the western attacks only gives RIF an advantage with their local superiority, and getting to deal with the attacks separately.
Spoiler for Phase 5:

The remainder of the battle is a stalemate with neither team willing to commit forces to attack, with some light skirmish action committed by both teams in the east flank of the objectives.
Spoiler for Phase 6:
This turned out the be the final battle, it was quite amusing looking at various strategies and tactics each commander employed. Not to mention the incessant losses one team's APC squad caused - I wonder if there was any communication attempts to fix that issue. Either way, both teams have fought valiantly, both teams have shown they can be victors and losers on the battlefield. But in the end there can only be one winner, congratulations again Rapid Interdiction Force!

Link to Tracker
Link to Battlerecorder

Awarded ribbons

As a token of appreciation and based on the stats and accomplishments registered ingame the following ribbons have been awarded:

Spoiler for BGB:

Infantry Ribbons

Infantry's Survivor Ribbon
C|BGB alex.sweedensniip
C|BGB saxoni

2nd Infantry's Survivor Ribbon
C|BGB Proof

3rd Infantry's Survivor Ribbon
C|BGB Filamu

Infantry's Medic Ribbon
C|BGB Batu.

3rd Infantry's Medic Ribbon
C|BGB jybbe
C|BGB Deviro

2nd Infantry's Punisher Ribbon
C|BGB Geronimo (SisterFister420)

3rd Infantry's Punisher Ribbon
C|BGB [OD-S]Jaeger

Armour Ribbons

Armour's Punisher Ribbon
C|BGB TheBloodSpiller

3rd Armour's Punisher Ribbon
Spoiler for RIF:

Infantry Ribbons

Infantry's Survivor Ribbon
C|RIF Reamz

2nd Infantry's Medic Ribbon
C|RIF derdolm

Armour Ribbons

Armour's Punisher Ribbon
C|RIF jamil_12345678901
C|RIF touly

3rd Armour's Punisher Ribbon
C|RIF Danesh_italiano
C|RIF Hunter291

Congratulations to Rapid Interdiction Force, for winning the first Contact! Campaign!

After a 5 month campaign we award the victory to the Rapid Interdiction Force, after Battle Group Bravo yielded the victory to them. The only chance BGB had to win was to capture all the flags in the seventh battle.

Thank you all for playing, we will award participation medals to everyone who played in the campaign. The medal will be visible under your avatar on the forum. Feel free to place the medal in your signature as well!

Here is an overview of all battles and their results, click to view tracker:

Tournament Task Force

All Commanders, Officers and Squad Leaders will be assigned into the Tournament Task Force. Any NCOs or grunts that wish to also participate in the post mortem and preparation for the next tournament can apply with this form.

The objective of the Task Force is to identify positive and negative remarks the campaign faced, based on their own experience and the feedback from the players.

A PM will be sent to all tournament participants, to give feedback on each battle and core elements in the tournament.


In addition to this we had a few heroes behind the scenes who really pulled their weight. I would like to give appreciation to the following users:These individuals worked together through disagreements, short deadlines and with high ambitions of delivering a great tournament for us all, thank you all so very much!

Thank you once again everyone who signed up, participated and played in this tournament! We really hope that you enjoyed the campaign and we hope to see you all in next campaign as well.

-Tournament Task Force and Admins

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