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Default Re: Aircrafts, hat switch and config

Originally Posted by McLuv View Post
Hmm, Coolio. I should probably do the same for any Evo-ers. Of course the main problem is that half the commands are just as easily done in-game, so I'd have to really upload both ingame control and joystick profiles for them to be of any use

Thanks for that advice though, I'll have to see what I can make out of it. At the very least it would be feasible to make a macro for an ejector seat if CA ever gets around to that (which I hope they do :/).
ye, main reason why I would need to tweak my profile too since most of my commands are done with ingame controls hehe.

And ye, the ejector seat concept (if it works) the macro for it like I mentioned could easily be done via the SST/profiler editor or some other macro tool

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Default Re: Aircrafts, hat switch and config

Originally Posted by [R-DEV]Rhino View Post
Ye its an advanced command, to make one just right click in the box and click on "New Advanced Command" then in that just press 1 and release it and it should recode it.
Thank you, but I'm quite aware how to make an advanced command, as I too, am a Saitek owner. The current version of SST has a bug that makes using an advanced command that has nothing in the "repeat"-field will hang up your computer until you release the button (or use a lion's share of your CPU). The solution I use is to add some non-assigned keypress into the "repeat"-field.

Originally Posted by '[R-DEV
and ye its quite annoying having to go back to weapon 1 after looking with the HAT switch but quite easy to go to anouther weapon
I did say I use the mode switch on my X52 to switch between weapons:

Mode 1 + hat = upon release return to weapon 1
Mode 2 + hat = upon release return to weapon 2
Mode 3 + hat = upon release return to weapon 3

I know there are only three positions on the mode switch key, but the latest SST gives you the possibility to create an unlimited amount of modes (farewell keyboard! )
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aircrafts, config, hat, switch
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