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16 Jun 2019, 00:00:00 (PRT)
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PR:BF2 General Discussion General discussion of the Project Reality: BF2 modification.

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ya i think u need to play PR more and learn that almost none of these pics help out in are world. Play a while and then come back and tell us howm any of these things work here then we will have a fourm.

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Default Continue Asking Questions- Get Bottom Smacked


I have a few questions, things to talk about--

1- Why cant we enter buildings in PR, ok people might camp but that would add a level of realisim, not every building but you should be able to enter key buildings and shoot from windows.

What about buildings giving way to tank shells?

2- What is the best way to become a commander for PR, I know this is one of those if you have to ask questions but I feel there is a real lack of good Commanders in the feild for PR
a- all commanders and sqaud leaders should have Voip I know
b-When I took a quick look as being a commanader it looked awesome with a over view map and lots of features, where can a player read up or even better watch online how to become an effective commander, this is not west point online but is there a totorial, what are all the important keys, is there a guide for commander?

Youtube would be cool as a lession store for good points about PR, how best to use the A-10, moves you must master in the copters, Ideas and tatics for firefights you should understand..

I know its just a game but it is interesting when both teams are hot and know about things like using the officer kit to leave spawn points and just getting that next flag.

How many times have you joined a server with a good commander or even decent sqaud leaders?..not many times here..

3- The PR developement team, do thay have enough money to run enough servers today,

I was looking here:
small donations or if a few fokes came together could rent a good server there, say £15 each that would be a good beta server for maps or just normal standard maps. is there a lack of good servers these days or is there plenty.

4- How long untill 0.6 is launched? How can some one join the beta group ?

5- Most new vehicles I see as new models are cool and so on but they are boring, just another tank or set of tracks with a big gun on top, cant PR be more intresting than that.. Im not underestimating any thing here Im just saying , for iinstances right off the top of my head..

Israil has a gun that fires around corners..
Insurants have rpg, what about SAM's?
Building damage a possiblity?
Exotic veciles, what about motorbikes with side cars or anti material sniper rifles.

And what gives with the sniper rifes do you actually have to use the scope taking into account distance and account by rasing for other lines in the sight I had a guy about 200+ meters away once and I never touched him using all the lines. Do you have to raise the scope?

6- What gives with calling in artiliary, how do you do this, where does it come from, go, does the commander support this feature from the ships? How far can it go, I know a special ops guy can call it in..

7- I think squad leaders should carry a gps / comms computer which can be used to commincate with the commanders, call in air strikes or observe updates given by the commandar, that would be cool like a military laptop with battlefeild data in real time just like in real life, and the sqaud leader can get real time sateliite information.

8- Maps with different targets and goals.

I think it would be nice if maps had at least one of five different goals which could be the objetie, or at least new maps going forward did.

For instance what about a map where ameican solders had to locate the correct building for a minuteman missle with a two ton concreate war head to be called in on. So insergants have a leader to protect, move, defend, maybe this could tie into a map with interlinking buildings with tunnels or methods of keeping the leader moved / safe. The allied on the other side would have to pin point the location launch air missle and eliminate the bad guy leader...

I know PR is not conterstrike but a lot of fighting should be able to take place in close quaters if necesary in building settings, the shot gun is a nice gun, it should be used for room clearance in buildings in maps today where mainly where all outside at the moment.

At the moment the one thing I dont like about Pr is that we still have people who TK, I dislike TK'ers a lot.

First played PR-24th March 2007, Im from BF1942Orginal, DC, DC Final. Play as Helocopter Pilot.
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