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27 Jan 2022, 00:00:00 (PRT)
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Community Maps Maps created by PR community members.

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Old 2021-11-23, 17:28   #1

puffkiller's Avatar
Default map 4km crosscity

I have to explain first,map is not finish, especially the shadow of buildings.
In fact, this is a completely fictional map,but the inspiration comes from burning_sands,sbeneh_outskirts,karbala.
Large scale urban area,desert is more undulating,large Airport,some buildings are on sand dunes.not the same height.
Maps adapt to aas and ins mode,there are many hidden places in the buildings.
I have trouble on create lightmaps, editor continues to generate errors,I have to load the map many times.
Obviously, too many buildings caused the editor to crash,I can only publish incomplete maps,I hope others will continue to make object lightmaps
Also, where is the ins tutorial,I don't know how to make cache position.
The mini map is here
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Old 2021-11-27, 09:16   #2

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Default Re: map 4km crosscity

I need help urgently now.
I finally have the lightmaps of all the buildings, about 8000.
but lightmapsatlas Unable to create normally, Can only reach lightmapsatlas30, editor will crash.
This map needs about 60,the rest cannot be completed.
I don't know Masri and kafar how to finish ,They have more lightmapsatlas
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Old 2021-11-27, 13:46   #3
PR:BF2 Developer
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Default Re: map 4km crosscity

I'm not sure why the editor is crashing after generating 30 LM atlases, plenty of maps have more than 30 so it shouldn't be a problem with the editor itself, maybe you need to free up more RAM or something before generating the atlases? But you really shouldn't need 60 LM atlases, you might want to decrease the size of your LMs so you can fit more in to each atlas?

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Old 2021-12-24, 08:01   #4

puffkiller's Avatar
Default Re: map 4km crosscity

I deleted some object,use medium size,finished lightmapatlas.
I didn't find ins course,How can I make cache work,I didn't see the chache on the map
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