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02 Apr 2023, 00:00:00 (PRT)
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Chilean Forces 1978 Discussion pertaining to the Chilean Forces 1978 community faction.

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Chilean Forces 1978
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Exclamation [Faction Concept] Chile 1978

Hello there! Ive saw that PR has many of the assets i would need for this faction, so i took it upon myself to start working on it.

Design Plan:

Now, you must be asking why 1978?

Well for context:

In December 22th 1978 the Beagle conflict was at its peek, the Argentinean Navy was mere hours away from a naval invasion of the Islands of Picton, Nueva and Lennox, near Cape horn, but it was clear this would start a major south american war as the Chilean and Argentinean forces were distributed throught one of the largest borders in the world, with major movement of troops in Patagonia and Tierra del Fuego.

Luckily, bad weather and intervention by the Pope prevented the war on D-day near H-hour before shots were fired .
I wanted to explore what would happen if the conflict had gone hot so i began working on some maps and other stuff.

If you want to help this faction to be realized here is a list of things needed in order of priority:


M41 Walker Bulldog:

F-5 Tiger II


Willys MB Jeep + M40 Recoiless Rifle

Medium Priority:

UNIMOG 416 (locally called 426)

CZ-75/ FN 750

Barceló-class torpedo boat

Low Priority:

- Hawker Hunter FGA. Mk 71 Fighter Bomber
- Mauser 1912 (scoped)

The Argentine Forces

Well considering this faction´s rival will be the Argentine Armed Forces, some assets are being worked on for them too. But the major one that is needed for them is the
Higgins 78 ft PT Boat

M4 Sheman Repotenciado(WIP By anantdeathhawk)

Work in progress:

Chilean Army Infantry

Swiss SIG 510-4 (WIP by ANW1173):


Some Retextures:

Currently there are 4 maps planned, 2 have have been started but only one of them has been detailed enough to actually show With 3 of the maps planned to involve more Naval combat with the use of Logistic LCVPs and Attack boats.

Beagle Channel and Puerto Natales have not been begun development so if you are a mapper you are more than welcome to give a hand.

Operation Soberania:

Special Thanks to Hans_Strudel, Rhino, ANW1173, anantdeathhawk and PotatoLord.

Thanks for reading
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Last edited by ismaelassassin; 2022-04-04 at 02:16.. Reason: Edit: Tiger model used was the E II, the III version was these same aircraft but upgraded years later; Design plan link fixed
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