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27 May 2020, 00:00:00 (PRT)
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PR:BF2 Community Modding Making or wanting help making your own asset? Check in here

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Old 2020-04-07, 05:09   #41
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Default Re: [WIP][Vehicle] Panther G

I'm amateur modeller myself, but here what I can say:

Would be good to see the model in sketchfab or something to see the model in detail with wires

The next steps would be:
- UVW unwrapping.
- painting textures
- modelling LODs (level of details). Making the simpler versions of the original model.
- modelling wreck mesh and its LODs
- sending files to DEVs for import

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Old 2020-04-07, 10:12   #42
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Default Re: [WIP][Vehicle] Panther G

Hokunin's suggestions are good one but one thing I would suggest different is to weld that shield around the bottom left hatch as well even thou it won't zfight that much, but more because it won't cost many extra tris to do and it's worth it to stop any zfighting.

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Old 2020-04-07, 16:51   #43
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Default Re: [WIP][Vehicle] Panther G

Thank you, I will try to get the model on sketchfab after I get those things welded. The reason I have my cylinders with triangle caps instead of an ngon is because I thought the export for game automatically triangulates everything, but if that's not needed, I will go back and change the other cylinders as well to have an ngon cap.

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