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PR:BF2 General Discussion General discussion of the Project Reality: BF2 modification.

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Old 2013-03-11, 08:24   #31
Retired PR Developer
Default Re: The history of Project Reality

Originally Posted by Jakoporeeno View Post
Are you documenting your work with Project Reality 2?
They've just started working on it... When it's released there'll be a changelog, and from that changelog a summary can be bourne, which can then be immortalized [until the web server goes down] in this thread.
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Old 2013-03-17, 07:57   #32

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Arrow Re: The history of Project Reality

btw, last topic update is
Project Reality v0.95 released 10-15-2010

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Old 2013-04-21, 18:30   #33

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Default Re: The history of Project Reality

i started with 0.4 two times a week... now im addicted... 0.9 at least once a day
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Old 2014-03-11, 08:14   #34
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Default Re: The history of Project Reality

*bump* this thread needs update

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Old 2014-07-03, 19:18   #35
Default Re: The history of Project Reality

I swear I remember during the first release of the Israeli Defense Forces, I played Gaza Beach (I think with bots or on my own) and there was an MDT David vehicle. This is the light armoured vehicle commonly used by the IDF and israeli police forces. I remember it being immediately taken out and I was upset that it happened.
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Old 2014-07-30, 06:50   #36

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Default Re: The history of Project Reality

Originally Posted by USMC scout sniper View Post
WOW! Project Reality has come a REALLY long way. From an obvious looking BF2 mod, to " This is a BF2 mod? Damn!" Hats off to the DEVs who made PR what it is. =)
I see it as a game as it's alot bigger, and better than BF2. (And alot of games today, imo)

But i still call it a mod since it still needs BF2, and not released as an actual standalone game (yet) Besides, it's common to find bugs, etc. But really, what game doesn't have bugs?

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Old 2014-10-28, 02:51   #37

Ghost1800's Avatar

I joined back in V 0.25

Been a wild ride since then, every change pushing the boundries further then was ever thought possible (eat that every person who stated a feature was hardcoded!)

Remember having awesome times with [DM], DB and Fuzzy's mumble squads (thanks for mentioning you were recording, DB ), and way too many others to put down here.

Whether I was unraveling the eternal bandages of medic-dom, dropping off troops and supplies from my helicopter (that I didn't go all little bird carrier flipping like in muttrah v1), lazing the ever living #@$! out of every structure or vehicle, or hopping around as a human body shield as a civilian (collaborator is a bit of an assumption), this game has made it damn near impossible to play any other online shooter because it just does so much so well.

Every time I hear someone talking about how awesome a game of CoD or halo they had the night before I can't help but grin at some of the messed up, insane, hilarious situations I've found myself in in PR. To the devs, all I can say is thanks for working so hard making a game that threw common conceptions of what works in a game out the window, and blazing your own path (even if it didn't always work out... I'm sorry I ever suggested flashbangs). To the community, I wish I could find players like I have commonly found among you in every game I play. To those that have some weird sense of deja'vu seeing my screentag, you lot were amazing individuals that used your diversity, critical thinking, and genre savviness to come together to form some of the most cohesive and effective teams I've seen in an online setting, gaming or otherwise.

I hope to have the time to get back into PR in the near future (where I will have to relearn everything and probably have to RTFM), I hope most of you will hold your guts in until I unpack yet another surgical dressing after I told you to keep the hell down.
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Old 2015-03-07, 04:44   #38
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Default Re: The history of Project Reality

I found my hard racing while reading the first post about the evolution. I have spent so much time and emotion in this game that I have no words to express.
I wonder what will I feel after 20 or 30 years ..
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Old 2015-04-18, 07:20   #39
Anthony Cole
Default Re: The history of Project Reality

Great history..Fully explain from the top to bottom well done..
I want to work with PR.Tell me how i can work with PR.
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Old 2015-05-28, 01:44   #40
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Default Re: The history of Project Reality

It would be nice if we could get the first post updated to the present release.

PR player since 0.5 (Feb 2007)
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history, project, reality
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