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10 Dec 2019, 00:00:00 (PRT)
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PR:BF2 Suggestions Suggestions from our community members for PR:BF2. Read the stickies before posting.

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Default Re: Skirmish Large

No SAF love I see.

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Default Re: Skirmish Large

Originally Posted by Outlawz7 View Post
If this is the kind of response you get on viable suggestions then you should seriously close this sub forum.
Yes this would get people off of ins, but the point is to get people away from Fallujah and increase map variety. But for some reason you had to go low in your arguments.

EDIT: Alright someone told me that you are actually serious. If so, then Im sorry. Re-read the topic again. The goal is to get rid of Fallujah Ins only. Not Ins only. If you reread the thread you can also see why this 9999T suggestion looked more like a provokation to me.

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Default Re: Skirmish Large

I have been reading.

Originally Posted by chrisweb89 View Post
Pretty good idea, a new skirmish layer with tons of tickets, and lots of small flags to fight over creating basically an infinitely long fight, that keeps people engaged and shooting. I love skirmish maps, but even at 150 tickets, and especially with a possible cap out they end too quick when seeding slowly.
Originally Posted by CAS_ual_TY View Post
A ticket increase would improve the overall seeding-situation a lot. Halving the respawn time would be really great as well (if its possible, considering the respawn time is also connected with config files and it might be 1 single value for all modes).

The current skirmish is good for serious 8v8 fights, but we need something aas-like to seed on.
Originally Posted by Wing Walker View Post
Skirmish maps are ok, they just don't allow any room for much tactical maneuvering. Which is what makes PR fun. Some are better than others, Kokan is the worst though.

Fallujia would be fun if it were just AAS. I really think people get sick of it because it is INS and on ALL the time.
Originally Posted by CAS_ual_TY View Post
If it was the map itself then fallujah skirmish would be an option but it isnt.

To answer your question: its both. But the factor you quoted is the biggest influence still. I even gave an explanation and arguments but apparently these things dont mean anything anymore in 2019, anywhere.

To answer your examples:
2k bad for seeding
2k bad for seeding
4k bad for seeding
2k bad for seeding

Remember that skirmish maps are always smaller. So the size argument only goes for ins.

And it cant be the gamemode as literally every server forbids destroying caches. So what really is left to argue about?
Originally Posted by CAS_ual_TY View Post
I really dont know if you are tolling or joking or idk. And I also dont know why

But what you are suggesting is basically a small map, AAS, tons of tickets... Sounds exactly like what I am suggesting here. The exception being ofc that I want the map to be even smaller (skirmish sizes) and that I want to see other maps being able to be used in seeding.

But what you are suggesting would basically replace Fallujah Ins already.
And I gathered from this 'more tickets' and 'cant be 2k or 4k'.

Creating a second gamemode as per your OP is less feasible than what I'm doing here because 1. I can't do it because I don't know how to create gamemodes, 2. the devs who do got better things to do.

Yes, 9999 tickets sounds absurd but my reasoning behind it was to prevent the round from ending during seeing period because as you stated servers lose players on map switch. The idea was that the few people playing are unlikely to end the round by playing (whereas people blowing up caches do end it) and the round will last the full 4 hours or until an admin comes on to set next and run it.

I do suppose turning this into a regular AAS layer with reasonable ticket amount and bleed flags would be better.

Alright, so you're sick of Fallujah. But you stated that 2km and 4km maps aren't viable for seeding so besides Fallujah what's stopping you or other server admins from seeding on 1km AAS maps?

We could discuss changing Skirmish tickets from 150v150 to something else in general, not just a 'skirmish large' or allow custom amounts again.

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