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23 May 2019, 00:00:00 (PRT)
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Old 2009-05-31, 03:08   #31

jubasniper00's Avatar
Default Re: Remove the molotov cocktail

ok time to defend the mighty molotov.... ok I do agree its radious is a little too big but.... it shouldnt be "a lot" smaller too. why? well u guys are just thinking of the standard molotov, a little of gasoline with a piece of cloth in a bottle of coke, rite? well gasoline its made to be used as an explosive(kind off) so it is made to light off quickly"why?" (its used to cause an explosion inside of an engine), u throw a standard molotov and the fire is gonna happen in the middle where the biggest amount of gas is concentrated but all the way around it the fire is gonna go off pretty quickly, to defend the molotov, there are lots of ways other then just filling a bottle with gasoline to make a molotov, there are other sources that burn up for longer periods of time and are more flamable, example: there is a special type of fuel made to light up campfires(I know this by personal experience) that can stay burning for about 8-9 minutes, I created a mix one time that lasted for about 15 minutes, the good thing about it is u dont need a gallon to make this happen, I made it with a vasefull of (hellfire) thats how I called it and it doesnt concentrate in the middle so it has a big ass radious with just a bottle, I mean its never gonna b the same as in pr but it does come kind of close to the radious,so there u go an special combat mix could b used to defend the molotov. my opinion, dont reduce the radious, just reduce the volume of the fire.
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Old 2009-05-31, 18:07   #32

GrimSoldier's Avatar
Default Re: Remove the molotov cocktail

Hmm i think just reduce the radius a little bit and it would be a bit better.

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Old 2009-06-01, 20:07   #33
Default Re: Remove the molotov cocktail

No matter what concoction you use, it's still a make-shift weapon; it's not for heavy combat.

And are we forgetting about the part about being able to burn people through walls? Realistic?
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Old 2009-06-14, 13:25   #34
Default Re: Remove the molotov cocktail

Molotov is almost always used best as temporary area denial weapon. Need to escape from a squad of marines? Throw a molotov down to block their path. Killed a marine but there's a medic nearby? Throw a molotov on his body. Need to block off a entrance to a cache as you get into position? Molotov.

As for the burning through the walls, that's an engine bug, can't really be fixed. I've been killed by explosions through walls before. Even if they made the radius smaller for the molotov, people could still throw it onto a wall and it would burn through.
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Old 2009-06-14, 17:46   #35

Smuke's Avatar
Default Re: Remove the molotov cocktail

Originally Posted by Dr2B Rudd View Post
Radius is pretty big for a coke bottle of petrol.
Agreed, maybe limit to 5/10m?

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Old 2009-06-14, 18:06   #36
Solid Knight
Default Re: Remove the molotov cocktail

Yeah, the wall bugs are an engine problem. Just like I can get the suppression effect from rounds hitting the opposite side of a stone wall or even on the other side of a building. You can also put an IED on the bottom floor of a building and kill everyone on the next floor up. I exploit that one a lot.
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Old 2009-06-14, 18:33   #37

Dev1200's Avatar
Default Re: Remove the molotov cocktail

Originally Posted by R.J.Travis View Post
Yes At lest limit it and reduces its splash.

Is a known bug when you die by a molotov cocktail you are punished for suicide this is not acceptable you can not punish players for something they have no control over.

also the molotov cocktail has no use in the game anymore besides exploiting the fire threw walls you have upgraded the INS guns to the point of Run-an-Gun they are 100% better close combat and even long range there guns can hit there target at 300+ meters now.

they no longer needs this bugged Anti Inf molotov cocktail.

Your thoughts?
The AK 47 (and 74) both have an effective range of 300m. The downfall to those two weapons is the massive amount of recoil, and also the lack of accuracy and a scope.

Also, realize the insurgents are so underpowered that it's not even funny. The only way they win is to be sneaky and use RPG's.

The molotov, imo, shouldn't be removed. Maybe just have less damage and a smaller radius.

@ Underline, you also can't complain to the devs over something they don't have control over either. Remember that the BF2 engine is rediculously outdated. It's limited to what the devs can and can't do.
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Old 2009-06-14, 19:13   #38

Vege's Avatar
Default Re: Remove the molotov cocktail

Could the damage be made so that it will get everyone bleeding but thats about it?
like insta 1/4 health down and then the same damage every 1 minute so it would not be as deadly but would still be used for other things these weapons are used (killing wounded, area denial etcetera)

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Old 2009-06-14, 20:57   #39

Meza82's Avatar
Default Re: Remove the molotov cocktail

Insurgents are already too nerfed. the molotov has been very useful to me against a HMMV or a building with a full squad of soldiers. without the molotov the US army/marines and Brits will have even more fire superiority.
i, as an insurgent player 7 of 10 rounds (by default team balance), am willing and even happy to give up the molotov for more RPGs or hideouts (reduce minimum distance between hideouts). but are u, or do u want to nerf the insurgents more?

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Old 2009-06-15, 04:09   #40

ubershank47's Avatar
Default Re: Remove the molotov cocktail

I don't think that the Molotov needs a "fix" just slight adjustments, simple change to damage by reducing it would eliminate the problem of it being a uber "squad killer", low damage would still allow it to be a area denial weapon since no one is going to risk damage and potential bleed and downtime for healing afterward even though the damage is moderate, it is kinda psychological in a way. The problem with it being used to remove troops held inside a building since the damage clips through walls is a different matter that the devs should look into, is it fixable? Maybe not BF2 engine isn't exactly the most flexible.
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