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19 May 2019, 00:00:00 (PRT)
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View Poll Results: Name your favorite maps for PR v0.85
Al Basrah 234 32.19%
Asad Khal 204 28.06%
Assault on Mestia 111 15.27%
Battle for Qinling 107 14.72%
Bi Ming 51 7.02%
EJOD Desert 120 16.51%
Fallujah West 319 43.88%
Fools Road 161 22.15%
Jabal Al Burj 145 19.94%
Karbala 138 18.98%
Kashan Desert 231 31.77%
Kozelsk 182 25.03%
Korengal Valley 209 28.75%
Muttrah City 335 46.08%
Operation Barracuda 156 21.46%
Operation Archer 208 28.61%
Operation Ghost Train 102 14.03%
Qwai River 166 22.83%
Ramiel 180 24.76%
Tad Sae 51 7.02%
Multiple Choice Poll. Voters: 727. You may not vote on this poll

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Old 2009-02-10, 21:53   #11
Retired PR Developer

CodeRedFox's Avatar
Default Re: Favorite PR v0.85 Maps

Its ok to do Para, just no voting for your own map

My 0.85 favorites
  • Fallujah West - Great map and very real feeling. love the different areas
  • Operation Archer - Version 2 rocks, nice afghan feel.
  • Qwai River - Oldie but a Goldie, Random AAS has mixed it up allot.
  • Fools Road - Now with Rus vs Chk this map has come back for me

"apcs, like dogs can't look up" - Dr2B Rudd
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Old 2009-02-10, 21:56   #12
Retired PR Developer

Default Re: Favorite PR v0.85 Maps

nope... too late.... its like not being able to admit that I have an ugly baby, lol (I like playing that one too...) :P

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Old 2009-02-10, 23:06   #13

McBumLuv's Avatar
Default Re: Favorite PR v0.85 Maps

^haha, nice avatar with Bubbles in it, Paramedic

So far, my favourite maps are:

  • Asad Khal - It's such an amazing map for infantry, with every corner fostering new places for epic engagements.
  • EJOD desert - Always been one of my favourites, the assymetrical Assets really compliment the map currently.
  • Fallujah West - By far my current all-time favourite Insurgency map, it's got such an engrocing evironment and excellent combined Mechanised Infantry possibilities and Ambushes. Driving along the main road can be like going to Hell and making it back sometimes
  • Karbala - At first I thought (from the minimap) that the map seemed to linear, and in an enclosed manner. But I've received a very different taste of it, and I can say it's not linear in the very least. Every games been different, and I've enjoyed each one, ranging from Crewing the Apache, playing as the Insurgents, shooting down the Apache, or Cruising in a humvee patrol.
  • Kashan Desert - Not the prettiest map by pr's updated standards, but definately still a stylish one, and the best way to get a true combined arms game play.
  • Muttrah City v2 - Just Epic win, need I say more? It's beautiful, full of interesting and everchanging gameplay.
  • Operation Barracuda - Still a personnal Favourite, I realy enjoy the challenge as the USMC to coordinate combined assaults, amazing firefights, or playing as the Chinese trying to get a sense of what the US'll do next.
  • Tad Sae - Since the new flag emplacements of 0.85, this map is officially Awesome It's no longer a simple humvee/nanjing spam fest, since FOBS don't spawn cars anymore. And with the way bigger flag areas, its more than just flag hopping and having the fastest squad.
  • Ramiel - The biggest convoys are here, and the city itself is amazing.

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Old 2009-02-11, 00:35   #14

HughJass's Avatar
Default Re: Favorite PR v0.85 Maps

Here is the ones I had 'great fun' (borat) so far in .85, others I didn't vote for as I did not play enough or had some strange experiences in.

EJOD Desert - Good old classic desert-city-desert map style. This map is still proving to be very fun with the urban environment and the long range engagements you have in the desert dunes. Also, the end-fight on the desert towards each others base is always an epic war of lazer tracers.

Fallujah West - I really like the suburban feel to this map, and its authenticity. It is one of a kind so far in PR, and while being the first, it nails it. The map is small enough not to be daunting but big enough so you can get a tactical approach to everything.

Kozelsk - An interesting new comer. I like the 'little to no undergrowth' approach (in the forested sections) to the map as it gives you a weird but good new experience in PR. Of course this map is fun because of the great environment, but i am surprised on how much tactics can be applied to this map.

Muttrah City - Love the different type of engagements you get in this map. From ground to ground, to roof to roof, and a mix of both. Clearing out ally ways and large apartament buildings has never been so fun.

Operation Barracuda - Absolutely best map for the huey gunship. Teamwork is a must in this game, and every time I got some great teamwork from both sides. I like that AASv3 actually works really well in this map. Every time you have to set up forward bases in different places. Just gives a cool edge to the strategy.

Operation Archer - The remake is GREAT. This map really really shines now in all of its Afghan glory. Very cool atmosphere for both sides. I feel this is where the Taliban factions actually 'works' because of all the distance that needs to be traveled.

Ramiel - I've loved this map since the start, as it is highly urban, and can get pretty damn intense. Just wish there was enough room for something like a cobra or A-10

Hope this made sense. Good work mappers!

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Old 2009-02-11, 01:26   #15

Guybrush's Avatar
Default Re: Favorite PR v0.85 Maps

  • Al Basrah : This one goes back to VIP mode, good longevity eh ? The definition of Insurgency, great use of statics. I just wish the Brits had to hold the outpost just like on Korengal.

  • Fallujah West : a very funny and intense map as insurgents because of the reduced size and yet you don't feel in a cage. Lonewolfing with the AKS is so rewarding... and I mean it in a good way ! The research appears to have been a lot of work too.
    But there's one thing that HAS to be fixed : the collision mesh with the sidewalks.

  • Fools Road : A great map for ambushes against vehicles with a lot of hardpoints.

  • Jabal Al Burj : Just like Basrah, a map that has been around a long time, which is a proof of its original design qualities. It survived all these gameplay changes and still is the theater of great firefights.

  • Korengal Valley : These slopes are a pain, but it's the only mountain map so far. The caves give the creeps, the outpost is great to attack/defend, the ACU works well, and the jets ambient sounds rock !

  • Muttrah City : All this research. Compare the photos and the screenshots : enough said. It could use a flag at the fortress though.

  • Operation Barracuda : More amphibious assaults, Charlie don't surf !

  • Operation Archer : new version looks so much better, size is fantastic, some great spots like the fortress, the cliffs, the airfield.

  • Ramiel : epic, epic size. Teamwork mandatory on the US side.

Would have voted for Seven Gates too, the assaults on the river fort and then the temple always take balls.

And where have Zatar Wetlands gone ?

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Old 2009-02-11, 02:59   #16

mp5punk's Avatar
Default Re: Favorite PR v0.85 Maps

Faluja FTW!!
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Old 2009-02-11, 04:39   #17
Default Re: Favorite PR v0.85 Maps

You DEVs are too humble, Korengal and Archer are epic Taliban action.

My top map is Asad. Every building enterable, brilliant gameplay, the sorely underused British team, BAYONETS!!! It all comes together to make a great map.

Fallujah west is the best Insurgency map we've had, but it chokes my FPS. Still, a great map.

Kozelsk is a lot of fun. Breaching the tunnel with a tank round never gets old.
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Old 2009-02-11, 10:27   #18

SocketMan's Avatar
Thumbs up Re: Favorite PR v0.85 Maps

Haven't played all the maps enough times,but the new ones are great and the older
ones got more popular with (faction/map) 0.85 changes.
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Old 2009-02-11, 18:19   #19

RedAlertSF's Avatar
Default Re: Favorite PR v0.85 Maps

Korengal Valley
God, it's just awesome now.

Fools Road
Old favourite and still awesome though I miss the brits. :<

Perfect forest battles.

Operation Archer
Redux is just great. Would be my favourite if the castle was removed.

Fallujah West
I love it.
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Old 2009-02-12, 19:34   #20

PikminDoctor's Avatar
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Default Re: Favorite PR v0.85 Maps

Operation Ghost Train 7!?!?

That's my favourite map!

Still they're all very good, please keep them all in! They are all much better than the BF2 maps, if a new player was to go into any of them they would be impressed - and the fact that there are so many keeps the game interesting - it's not fun playing on the same 5 maps over and over again. It was annoying in previous releases having maps snatched away from us.
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