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20 May 2019, 00:00:00 (PRT)
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Default Re: Commander Changes - Feedback

Originally Posted by hx.bjoffe View Post
Yes, often he does.
Edit: I honestly think marker-spam is for admins to handle, DEVs shouldn't have to babysit.
I agree since comanders can get kicked there should be no need for normal people to suffer when some one stupid starts spaming. you can just kick them

If comanders could get diffrent artilleries for diffrent factions( i know they have that but they need more variety)
USA-Jdam or MOAB
Chinese can use fuel bomb
Russians can use vacuum bomb(most powerful non nuclear weapon and yes it beats M.O.A.B.)

MEC HE artillery or something else like SCUDS?

I believe if commanders could drop supplies(or repair stations or ammo) it would greatly encourage teamwork (have like 10 minute delay)

during loading or before map starts maybe commanders can draw out plans before the actual game start

comanders should make objectives ( SL can accept or decline and once objective is complete the squad gets points and kudos) like defendthis position from being overrun for 5 minutes

give comanders more stuff to play with like UAVs armed with hellfire or cluster bombs or carpet bombs

this is my suggestion i hope it helps
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