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04 Jun 2020, 00:00:00 (PRT)
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Smile Kozelsk-Militia Tank Delay

is there any reason for this tank(T62) to be delayed ? on both Std and Alt layout..

i mean it's not like this tank is way better than the T-90A or the bmp-3 !

on standard layout it's fine to be delayed since the Militia can get out of their main from Grid H2 to I2 road from the hill, but still imo i think there is no need to be delayed.

but on Alt layer, the other day i was on Militia and the Russian team managed to destroy both Bridge at H9 and J8 and we were completely cut off and we couldn't fine a way to cross to the other side of the map.

i guess the reason there is a delay for the T62 is that the Militia can spawn near the Russian first flag on both layers, but still it doesn't mean that there should be a delay on the T62 which have shit reload vs T90, bad Armour vs T90, slower and less maneuverable than T90, louder than T90, No Thermal vs T90... plus the Russian can always deploy ATGM emplacement.

i think the delay should get removed for this Tank next patch. btw Spandrel 20m and 2nd BMP-1 15m delay is fine.

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Default Re: Kozelsk-Militia Tank Delay

Theres a huge land mass up the M collum where you can drive north to south. The reason is to give russia a bit of room to allow them to secure their bleedflag.

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