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18 Jan 2021, 00:00:00 (PRT)
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PR:BF2 Community Factions Discussion on PR:BF2 community factions.

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Old 2017-05-08, 17:54   #82
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Default Re: Welcome to the Syrian Mod Team

Thanks for sharing, looks interesting! Some cool footage and stuff to read.

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Old 2017-06-02, 12:44   #83

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Default Re: Welcome to the Syrian Mod Team

i'm wating for it . GOOD LUCK
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Old 2018-05-11, 11:24   #84

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Default Re: Welcome to the Syrian Mod Team

Hi, I know this thread was dead since a long time. xD but still might breathe a bit fresh air into it since I was watching some very good quality footage of the latest operations:

Syran Army, Republican Guards, and Palestinian militias are conducting the final attack against the last ISIS remnants in southern districts of Damascus city, Yarmuk and Hajar al Aswad neighborhoods, here is the point of few from mostly the tankists' perspective. Heavy urban combat, Armored assault going not too far advanced, covering infantry advancements, rocket artillery support, and field commanders HQ:

Also map of the area: (the area encircled by white dots was up until recently occupied by FSA affiliated militants but also Al Qaeda and Hamas off-shot militants. They recently agreed to surrender or be evacuated to north-western corner of Syria that is still controlled by various FSA and islamist factions. Their decision to surrender came shortly after SAA managed to liberate whole of Eastern Ghouta (for many years occupied by FSA factions like Jaish Al Islam aka Army of Islam in Arabic) after large operation a month ago)
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mod, poxo is ghey, syrian, team
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