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Default Re: [Guide] Budget PR Build - ECO graphics cards compared

Possibly. It could be the motherboard. However consider the chart. I tested a GT 710 and it generally was worse. It's not even on the chart. Also consider differences between mid range cards alone lay soley in superficial features, such as G-Sync, 3D vision, CUDA, Streamline, Vulkan, max resolution, display port, features that will only benefit newer games. For such low tier cards, imo, most of these features are useless marketing buzzwords.
The GT 640 and the GTX 650 are the exact same card except for a moderate frequency difference and the type of memory and other superficial differences - source
and that
it is cheaper to manufacture a single chip and cripple it in some way for different product lines then it is to make different silicon for every product. source
For bus powered cards over the years, its probable a limiter exists at BIOS/firmware level that restricts power (irrespective of a cards peak power). Voltages appear to be halved (see graph).
I noticed some newer GTX 750 (non-Ti) <75watts variants, for reasons unknown, have connectors still soldered. The presence of connectors on a low wattage card suggests they may be un capped if going by the logic:
No connector = capped voltage
connector = un capped
If true, this means these cards are the first ever, unrestricted, bus powered cards. Because 64 isn't far of 75 it makes sense, naturally in line with advances in lithography and direction of transistor miniaturization.

the GTX 650 does in fact not pull anywhere near enough power to need the PCIe connector. The GTX 650 Ti pulls considerably more power and it could get away with not using the connector if Nvidia wanted it to (the same is true for the Radeon 7770 and the Radeon 7750s that have the connector). (source)
To summarize: (OK means low power)
GT x10 and GT x20 - Avoid like the plague
GT x30 and GT x40 - OK but only at low resolutions. Remember: ROPs 8 minimum.
where x = 4/6/7/9 or 10

GTX 450 and earlier not ok / GTX 650* and above ok *64 watt
GTX 650 Ti and earlier not ok / GTX 750 Ti** ok **60 watt

There are SC and OC variants of the 650 and 750, those have connectors. Again, same chipset but uncapped voltage.

As long as its under 75w, the system can be powered by one of these (below) alone and not a 750w monster.
Spoiler for psu:

*cough* small form factor pr machine *cough*

If anyone is sure what may cause 46% GPU with low FPS usage leave a message, until proven otherwise its likely FW cap. The only other culprit is maybe CPU bottleneck but at 3.6Ghz aided with dedicated sound card, its unlikely Imo.

Cheap computer build / fast track upgrade for slow computer for PR > Guide
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