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04 Feb 2023, 00:00:00 (PRT)
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PR Changelogs The changelogs for recently released Project Reality versions

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Default Re: PR:BF2 v1.7.2.0 Changelog

Originally Posted by Mats391 View Post

VEHICLES:[List][*]Updated M3 and SdKfz 251c halftracks to be faster.
Was it changed to its maximum speed? Cause it seems to be faster than its top recorded 52.5 km/h (32.5 mph). Would be nice if the update specified the speed it was set to, does the sprite allow you to set the actual real world speed value?

I seen one of them things zipping across the battlefield on Brecourt Assault the other day. Nice to keep up with tanks easily, I haven't tried the horse power for getting out of ditches yet.
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