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01 Apr 2020, 00:00:00 (PRT)
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Default Re: PR:BF2 v1.6/WW2 Status Update March 2019

Originally Posted by WeeGeez View Post
Very funny.
I realise the the main menu video would only be a few hundred K but it's not the point. The game needs optimisation. DOn't just mask it with ultra hardware, Why make software bigger than it needs to be? The ONLY primary target audience should be people who cannot afford mega rigs. One would think, for a game that is approaching 15 years old, this wouldn't be a problem, right?

Something I've never understood is why software devs can be so wasteful and make inneffecient software requiring mountains of dependencies. Not PR devs specifically but its true in most software is getting more and more bloated as father always says. PR Windows 11? good luck with that.

It's a philosophy
simplify and simplification becomes extrapolative.
complicate and complications become extrapolative,

WHY even waste time making a movie background when one round of PR already consumes an hour of ones life.

I'm sorry that this is a tiny bit off topic but I needed to be clear.....

Every KB should count!
The game is 15 years old. Unless you want really crappy graphics and much less stuff going on, we can't optimize it much more than we already did. We respect your opinion, but we simply don't agree.

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