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Old 2017-06-23, 17:05   #1
Default Joystick land vehicles, controls con

I've been messing up with my joystick for quite some time now. Got it working 100% so far for jets/helicopters but i got problems on land vehicles.
Basically, once you write down the new axis on controls.con, you get in-game and you set the joystick.

For the gunning part, I can't modify the pitch up/down setting in-game and i need to find a way to invert the joystick axis somehow.
Obviously i've tried to select the invert box but it only works for my mouse, not joystick.

When i pull my joystick the gunner's view goes down. I need to invert this. Do i have to modify the controls.con like with air? and if so which is the line i'm looking for?
Joystick is acting as a second "mouse". My normal mouse is fine. I'd like to reverse the joystick axes for the gunning(camera angles) aspect ONLY.

My controls.con
ControlMap.create LandPlayerInputControlMap

ControlMap.addKeysToAxisMapping c_PIYaw IDFKeyboard IDKey_D IDKey_A 0
ControlMap.addAxisToAxisMapping c_PIYaw IDFGameController_0 IDAxis_3 0 1
ControlMap.addKeysToAxisMapping c_PIThrottle IDFKeyboard IDKey_W IDKey_S 0
ControlMap.addAxisToAxisMapping c_PIThrottle IDFGameController_1 IDAxis_1 1 1
ControlMap.addButtonToTriggerMapping c_PIFire IDFMouse IDButton_0 0 0
ControlMap.addButtonToTriggerMapping c_PIFire IDFGameController_0 IDButton_0 0 1
ControlMap.addKeyToTriggerMapping c_PISprint IDFKeyboard IDKey_LeftShift 0 0
ControlMap.addButtonToTriggerMapping c_PISprint IDFGameController_0 IDButton_8 0 1
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