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Old 2005-07-10, 01:16   #61

Hi everyone. Mark from Florida. I've had all the BF's and DC and can't wait to play your mod. Everything looks so real.
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Old 2005-07-11, 11:40   #62


I think the British army models look superb if i may say so. Are they going to be included into the realism mod? If so are they replacing the Yanks or what?
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Old 2005-07-11, 14:58   #63

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there being added as an additional faction

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Old 2005-07-12, 18:24   #64
Default Hello

Hello my name is Kray(Nick: Aggro Mg), an American as well as a veteran of the Bosnik-Croat-Serbian conflict serving in the Bosnian Army from 93-94. I’ve been reading the forums for a week now and like the direction this Mod is heading. All the post are mature, and an overwhelming number of those that are serving or have served in the worlds armed forces or in a related field sharing their wealth of knowledge on arms and armaments.

A big fan of Blitzkrieg1942, EXPWW2, DOD(until Steam made it unplayable for me) and a big fan of BF1918. I enjoy realism and despise balanced game play, balancing of weapons etc. Determination, teamwork win wars and a few skilled and resourceful grunts can cluster-muck a whole Army’s advance. Hope this mod progresses to the point where a majority of folks play it and the kids stay away fearing the reality of all; tanks, machineguns etc(Like in Experience WWII).

I also make maps. I also have the dubious title of I’m the reason there is no more cross hairs for the MG when standing up in DOD, that is my fault that was removed, “Opps, my bad.”
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Old 2005-07-13, 21:06   #65

Howdy, mah name is Duck. I play in the 4th Beijing Armored Division on 21stCenturyWarfare. So you'll see me playin as Pvt.Duck for the time being.

The complete lack of realism in BF2 disgusts me, cant wait till this is released.
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Old 2005-07-14, 00:25   #66
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Howdy, usually go by (BDU)SnakeEyes/ =0C=SnakeEyes, and or RipCord for Total-War. Im currently 22, i live in New England and im a avid gamer. Most games i play are Need For Speed 2 Underground, Matrix Online, Battle Field 2. Im a big Photoshop user and like to task myself with Sigs as often as i can. Iv made a few banners for some sites as well.
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Old 2005-07-14, 21:00   #67


I'm dOb from Finland and I like programming (mainly C++ and Python). I've modded BF1942 to the extent of making a gliding jeep by attaching wings to it . It didn't come out as well as I had wanted... . For BF2, I found out the method of unlocking the weapons so that they work in multiplayer and I've managed to disable the commander mode.
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Old 2005-07-15, 05:53   #68

Hi all, name's Earwig.

Was looking for a realism mod for BF2 and I'm glad I found one. I played DC_Realism a lot for BF1942 and loved it. The ridiculous things in BF2 enrage me, like tanks not destroying IFVs, weapons being as innacurate as hell, and so on and so forth.. (20mm not doing splash damage!).
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Old 2005-07-15, 07:09   #69
Retired PR Developer
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DocZ here.

i've been with the mod since about day 1 or 2. i know all the original devs from the DC forums, thats where we all met.

I'm currently doing my PhD on intermolecular carbon construction.

I have recently accepted a job offer to work for the Ferarri formula 1 team as a materials engineer, i'm really freakin excited.

My expertise on this team is all things physics and engineering. If we need to know how something works or what will happen to something after it has been subjected to certain conditions, im the one to come to.
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Old 2005-07-15, 07:29   #70

hi im Abel
i always love a good realism mod i've played AA and hostile intent for my realism stuff mainly tho i do like the realism servers for DoD
PR seem like it'll turn out great cant. way to try out the mini mod
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=r6=, akhbar, allah, ann, baria, commies, community, cool, dano, guy, hoes, introduce, melissa, mitchell, newbie, pla, usmc
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