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25 Sep 2020, 00:00:00 (PRT)
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Exclamation Squad & TG - an open invite to PR Vets

Hello everyone.

Tactical Gamer has a long legacy of playing games with a mature, teamwork oriented focus, like 2142, Planetside, and most notably for all of us, Project Reality. We also have a Squad Server that has been running since the game first came to Steam. We are early access backers, as many of you are.

We have tried very hard since this first release to build a community of players who enjoy playing the game of Squad the way PR was played. Over the years we've built up a base of regular players who fit the mold, many of them PR players, and we think you'll find that the game experience on our server is one similar to what you would find on a PR server in terms of teamwork and coordination.

We'd like to extend an invitation to all of you to come play with us. We run a Whitelist night every Friday night similar to the way we used to run Password Nights on our PR server.

Here are our server rules. We think you'll find them to be pretty simple and geared toward enforcing teamwork and coordination.

We invite you all to come play - particularly those who have tried the game on public servers and found it....lacking.

Squad has come a long way in its evolution and promise to be built in PR's legacy. New assets, new maps, and most importantly recent changes to the game play built out by none other than Fuzzhead has resulted in a game more like PR than ever.

There are many of you who has not played Squad since very early on - Come and play on a server you all know, where the gameplay is what you would expect.

R-MOD Jeepo
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