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08 Dec 2019, 00:00:00 (PRT)
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PR:Falklands General Discussion General discussion of the Project Reality Falklands modification.

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Old 2012-06-13, 05:39   #81
Default Re: Falklands Testing Feedback

I've only play like 2 hours last weekend (dam GF)

But i don't remember the last time i had so much playing PR

But by far in the top 3 since the game/mod was release

the fight where nut's , not much cover , jet fighter make you feel unsafe where ever you are ,
the suppressing fire at tiny tiny target 1km away because you can't hit shit with well aim shot , the hugeness of the map , the view distance was unreal for once you can see what's down range

maybe it was juste the squad i was in but keep the good work
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Old 2012-06-16, 20:06   #82

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Default Re: Falklands Testing Feedback

Played for a good 4 hours last weekend.

+Some of the most massive and intense battles I can recall ever, in PR (Harriers flying in formation is mouth watering)

+The features such as the ship radar and the ability to use the defences from BF2 is well suited for such a large and epic map.


+With 128 players & the night time layer it is seriously great to see several infantry squads moving towards goose green, the tracers from weapons and refreshing sight of something other than sunlight showcase the pinnacle of Project Reality.

-Many players/SL's get frustrated with the large map size and lack of transport (Specifically on the GB Team)

-The Goose Green Quad Cannon's position is basically a ticket drainer, unaware groups of infantry end up getting slaughtered while leaving San Carlos, perhaps moving it behind the houses would eliminate this.

-The maps size often makes it difficult to locate a safe and in-range area for mortars.

Freakin' great map, definitely emphasizes that players & squads need to work together and make use of CAS and smart movements to succeed. I hope that this makes it into the 1.0 build some day.

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Old 2012-06-17, 18:50   #83
Default Re: Falklands Testing Feedback

here is a other Video from the Beta-Weekend. I hope you Enjoy it.
But one Weekend was too short I love this map.
Project Reality | The Falklands | [HD] - YouTube
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Old 2012-06-30, 01:21   #84

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Default Re: Falklands Testing Feedback

A lot of pictures of the war


// =0

A lot of things

Im?genes del conflicto de Malvinas < fotos > | Foros Zona Militar
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Old 2012-09-25, 01:52   #85

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Default Re: Falklands Testing Feedback

Really don't know if you were aware of this, I tested the map on a local server and I fired an "exocet" to the AC and didn't destroyed it, then I used the Skyraider and fired almost all the missiles on the atlantic conveyor and I destroyed it. You may want to check that out. Another thing I noticed is when you get out of the plane (Super Etendard didn't tried the others) you "get out" behind the tail of the plane.
maybe you knew all of this but I was just telling what I noticed today

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Old 2012-09-25, 10:27   #86
PR:BF2 Developer
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Default Re: Falklands Testing Feedback

Keep in mind your now testing with a very old version so its pretty much obsolete, but for starters a single Exocet missile will not destroy the AC on, although will severely damage it to the point that's it only needs one more bomb to destroy it. Main reason for this is we don't want one jet just to slip in and destroy it on its own, too easy, although in its current state its still very easy.

Rockets vs AC has also been fixed, as well as other damaging issues weapons where having against it, like cannons doing way too much damage etc too.

And ye, currently you get out of the rear of the Mirage IIIEA, which is how AIX had it set up and no one has got round to fixing that yet, but is on the list of things to fix but VERY low priority. Main reason why AIX did it is to ensure the jet doesn't hit the player when the player ejects like some do, trying to find a more realistic location that works well takes quite a lot of trial and error.

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Old 2012-09-27, 14:48   #87
Default Re: Falklands Testing Feedback

I really want to play this map!
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Old 2012-09-27, 14:57   #88
PR:BF2 Developer
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Default Re: Falklands Testing Feedback

Glad to hear it, but this is the open beta testing feedback topic

Going to lock this topic as the OB testing is well over and should have been locked some time ago.

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Closed Thread

falklands, feedback, testing
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