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30 Nov 2020, 00:00:00 (PRT)
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Coop & Singleplayer Suggestions and feedback pertaining to Project Reality Single Player.

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Old 2019-02-09, 21:03   #1
Military Militia
Angry Coop gameplay full bugs

Who test this game in coop mode?? Gameplay 2 days and full bugs on 90% map. Select random map hit start and after 5-10 minutes in game you can see some fail like 60% team members or enemies jumping in building corner on spawns. You are spawned on 3/4 floor in air and after you die on broken legs you visit this place and you find 20 30 dead bodies teamates near constructionside. Bots stuck near houses in water 7 8 bots on one place under fire swiming in circle. No tips or something. I start with rifle jump on vehicle and 4x die. I read somethink on internet I need crew kit. Where find it? Bots spam grenades. You on clip can kill 4 bots what go throw Grenade on you. I start game for test 1vs1 and my soldier 79 second simulate I lost glases and enemy crushing eyes my soldier with pistol on 70 100 meters. Bots cant place random things like AT gun and more... Bots dont know how to jump inside machinegun, many times you can see some friendly bots under heavy fire jumping on machinegun bunker roof. If is bot inside machinegun they shoting precise like with shotgun on 200 meters enemy change 7 clips and take for this time 1 hit from AI machinegun. Bots ignore orders follow me, cease fire. You press 4x cease fire but not react AI on this. You send messages like press need medic and you can read this. But you have medic under fire you not listen well who talk need medic and you many times runing with open minimap where is symbol someone is down? In BF2 you hear someone need medic text "Dead Lord" call medic. Turn around and find on soldier name "Dead Lord".... On some maps AI stay stuck on spawns. You can throw Grenade on house and in moment 20 kills. Player cant take any area. I spend very angry some time camp on neutral area, but after 9 minutes nothing. And after this long camping here arive one teamate "BOT" and focus they after one minute take this area. Epic is If you add on test 1vs1 and you are stuck on first point and enemy have 5 areas... Grenadier have crazy strategy he looks like my life is not important, he have very low change survive big fight. Reload Grenade launcher press select rifle they who know why, unload Grenade launcher "becouse he must waste time and unprepare self if enemy assault him with vehicle." If they shot all shells out from clip they can hit dirt and talk "Im invisible now. I have now some time reload back my Grenade launcher what I unload 10 seconds ago." AI bots many times ignore all enemy soldiers around. I take APC full crew and enemy luxury 90 seconds coming place C4 and gunner in my apc ignor him. Spot system dont work you press enemy spotted and all games my soldier spam "enemy forces", "enemy activity". I press on 3 meters on enemy apc and he talk enemy forces and nothing marked on minimap. If I press need area strike. Show me on screen text "Request send to commander". Need supply and some next too. They never help any squad. 4 enemy tank on one bloob and request send to commander. Commander have never interest respond.... After moment where AI place C4 on enemy vehicle he start run out and 20-25 seconds inactive siting with C4 in hand and ignore all enemy units, hits and combat. Bots prefer on biggest maps walk on foot 2, 3 killometers. I dont find someone with repair kit, I select kit combat enginer with AT mine and bag caled repair tool, but i cant throw him and staing near friendly vehicles what spam "need repair" not help one per 4 minutes. Gameplay for commander I swith commander and what I see. I see squads, possible give orders but I cant see with scout drone on battlefield like in BF2. I dont have icons like send artillery, send supply box, send support vehicle.

For better game.
Add for commander some orders like send artillery, supply box, some types vehicles on send 1)supply car (mobile supply) 2) unarmed apc (transport some for some mens) 3)hummwve (armed car with medium number or soldiers capacity and without supply)

Fix and test all spawns on all maps

Fix AI commander spam orders but all calls for supply or support is ignored without any dialogue like. Sorry but we dont have resources. They only talk or write nothing for request smoke mortar and all other support stuff.

Max limit suppression in time. After 10 seconds is soldier ready, known about enemy and situation and start repeating fire. (I think more better like my test 1vs1 and I stand with knife under fire and my soldiers 2 minutes start talk "Oh god. I dont known where I have my glasses.")

AI strategy. Teamwork with AI. If AI driver have vehicle with 2+ free spaces for passagers
they near friendly squad send message automaticaly "Get In". If AI have vehicle in squad with value higher like 5. Value 4 humwve, value 7 APC, value 10 heavy tank. If is vehicle important value higher like 5 one squad member AI take enginer kit and synchronize him with squad tank. AI is tank damaged and driver spam need repair automaticaly place waypoint on squad member enginer.

Repair capture strategy. Player can capture important points, he is not in battle for make bodyguards for bots. (Hey you bot, go with me on position A becouse I cant capture this area. No no, go left no throught fireline...)

System avoid bullets. Bots prefer rush enemy front. Many times ignor friendly grenades, machinegun fires. And same number of teamates die on friendly fire like enemies under this fire. Best look on machinegun bunker, one AI jump on machinegun and full auto shoting ally and enemy units.

More orders worked with AI. If someone talk I need medic and you are medic they can find you like other AI medic can find you if you are wounded.

If you are enginer and is close damaged friendly vehicle he stoped move and start every 10 second talk "need repair" epic is if moment where you runing repair friendly vehicle throught 1.5 kilometers in sprint with full crew and passagers.
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Old 2019-02-13, 22:50   #2
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Default Re: Coop gameplay full bugs

If you're looking for some less buggy COOP gameplay in PR, check us out at our public 24/7 PR COOP Server at VETERANS-GAMING

Many things you mentioned are non-issues if you'd come learn the flow of the game and play it with others who have experience with this game mode. It is not optimized for offline singleplayer with AI bots on both sides. They're kinda dumb, and what can you expect for such an old game? Come have fun and stop being overly critical; all games have flaws.

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Old 2019-02-15, 22:50   #3

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Default Re: Coop gameplay full bugs

Melon did a shit job at bot spawns on flags too.

AfSoccer "I just don't see the natural talent."
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Old 2019-02-26, 00:14   #4
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Default Re: Coop gameplay full bugs

First of all, please use paragraphs

While its true SP does have some bugs, man power limits a perfect world.

In fact, I'm surprised single player is even still included. Would perhaps be a good idea to scale down the amount of available maps in order to redistribute/focus available man hours. SP currently has alot of maps, which is great but try to fathom how long it takes to roll out changes for-each-and-every map, every time an update is released.

Quality not quantitiy.

Fix and test all spawns on all maps
this alone would take a v long time

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Old 2019-03-09, 17:22   #5
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Default Re: Coop gameplay full bugs

Originally Posted by Deleted View Post
so... is this going to be ever fixed ??
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Old 2019-07-01, 05:25   #6
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Default Re: Coop gameplay full bugs

a lot of maps are unplayable without 6+ human players.
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