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15 Nov 2019, 00:00:00 (PRT)
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PR:BF2 General Discussion General discussion of the Project Reality: BF2 modification.

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Old 2018-01-24, 00:54   #21

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Default Re: CIVI Issue? Change? Bug?

I swear the intel lost for killing a civi was -10 for the longest time. Did it get changed recently? It seems unfair that intel gained for arresting a civi is greater than intel lost for killing one. That's probably why it's so easy for Blufor to reveal caches. Plus the fact that I don't think Blufor even needs to kill insurgents to gain intel, just wound them: in the past, the 2nd cache has been revealed before the scoreboard shows 50 kills for blufor (maybe that's been changed, but I honestly doubt it). It's easy for Blufor to reach the 50 kills [supposedly] required to reveal a cache, which isn't even necessary since the first cache is always revealed to them for free! All of this combined, it's no wonder Blufor has to put in virtually zero effort to reveal cache locations.

That being said, just because the cache location is known doesn't mean it's easy for Blufor to actually destroy it. IMO the devs have done a good job of providing insurgents, Taliban, etc. with the tools necessary to defend caches effectively. Civis are especially useful for building hideouts. But as of now, the ideas of civilian martyrdom, rules of engagement, and Blufor having to diligently search for hidden caches, are long dead concepts.

Sorry to get so melodramatic. Rose-tinted glasses can do that to me...
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Old 2018-01-24, 01:58   #22
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Default Re: CIVI Issue? Change? Bug?

I might have pulled my shovel out earlier. Interesting.

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Old 2018-01-24, 11:57   #23
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Default Re: CIVI Issue? Change? Bug?

Originally Posted by [R-CON]Fastjack View Post
3. Civi cars. How much Intel BLUFOR lost when one got destroyed?
-5, same as killing a civilian.

For more details you can open the file "Project Reality BF2/mods/pr/python/game/" and see some configuration values and their descriptions. While these configurations may differ slightly from the ones used in deployment servers, regarding insurgency and civilians I believe its all the same.

=== edit ===
I fucked up. Civilians that are inside ROE (can be killed) can be close to civilians outside ROE (cannot be killed) without affecting their status. In other words, the proximity check only verifies for armed players.

1. When two civi's are close together and outside of RoE, they can stand close together and die as martyr when they got shoot?
2. When 2 civi's are close together and one of them is inside the RoE both civi's can be killed without dying as martyr?
No, one will die as a martyr the other will die as a collaborator.

Dont question the wikipedia! Just because it reports different things on different languages does not make it unreliable source!
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Old 2018-01-24, 15:22   #24

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Default Re: CIVI Issue? Change? Bug?

tl;dr the downfall of the civilian kit started in .85 and became an over complicated mess that became less and less fun to play.

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Old 2018-01-24, 21:25   #25

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Default Re: CIVI Issue? Change? Bug?

Frankly speaking the Civilian kit was designed to be "anti-fun" all around, the "fun" was always subjective. Being slaughtered as a civi is no fun, but the most common interaction with blufor. Having civilians run into the line of fire is very troll and is the inverse of slaughtering civis in that the majority of the time said civilians are aiming to be martyrs. I really doubt that many civi, or rather unarmed insurgents would gladly throw their lives away by running directly into the line of fire. It's just wasteful and against human nature, so why does the game induce this type of behavior?

Yea, civi kit has been a shit show from the get go.

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Old 2018-01-24, 21:35   #26

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Default Re: CIVI Issue? Change? Bug?

Yeah, it did need a change by .85 but the way they had been working it overtime has only lowered its "fun" factor and bloated it with rules.

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Old 2018-01-25, 03:25   #27
Default Re: CIVI Issue? Change? Bug?

It's a troll kit, like murphy said. When players use it, it's impossible to realistically portray it. A civi' s ingame job should relaying/spotting intel from obviois positions, where an armed INS would just get shot, and stopping bluefor from indiscriminately shooting everything with their large weapons, but not to the point you run into fire. Basically making sure CAS is kept at bay and forcing armour/explosive to be shot at point targets not splashing off everything.

I love seeing a squad of 6 stupid civis roaming the desert on Basra and shotgunning them all, but I miss when you could use them effectively as bait for a bluefor soldier trying to arrest them and bring brought into an ambush.
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Old 2018-01-25, 20:21   #28
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Default Re: CIVI Issue? Change? Bug?

You are walking the line of fun x realism.

Civvies were useful and fun.

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Old 2018-01-27, 20:29   #29
Default Re: CIVI Issue? Change? Bug?

Good Afternoon,

Regardless of the run'n'gun blufor asset whores opinions of CIVIes are, they are very useful. Some point to the fact that in reality they just plain wouldn't do what CIVIes do in the game, wait, is this a game or reality? If it is reality, I'm not running into any line of fire. Some term CIVIes as trolls, well, again, if you just want to run'n'gun then I guess they are.

If we totally want to get "reality" into the mix, make all arrests with zip ties instead of a "beanbag" effect of a shotgun. Let's talk about that supposed "reality" shotgun and how it is not "reality". If we were going to make it more "reality", make the "beanbag" part a separate gun choice.

Now all of the above is my frustration with blufor whores and asset whores. If the only reason you want to play PR is to only play 4k asset heavy maps, you are not living in "reality" where urban warfare is a part of every war. When I squad up CIVIes, I mostly stay around the vicinity of the cache to "intel defend" the unknown cache.

It never ceases to amaze me how people never pay attention to faction or specific kit fashion choices. CIVIes NEVER have a HEADDRESS or HELMET on.

Continue on....

CIVI guide:
CIVIES and Martyrs thread:
My FOB guide:
FOB Thread:
PR Statistics & Useless Information thread:
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