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Old 2006-07-26, 20:03   #11
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Really looking foward to *SCENARIO* What was gpm_cq again????

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Old 2006-07-26, 20:20   #12

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That model looks great!!! Forst I thought it was a real world pic :P

Nice whit some status updates, keep working!! Hope to see the releas soon

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Old 2006-07-26, 20:22   #13

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Those things at the feet cerb are kit bags, I believe.

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Old 2006-07-26, 20:31   #14
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Yeah those are the Brit Kit bags. Will see how it goes in testing hehe... people will get used to them. If not, we'll consider using the standard BF2 kit bags.

The only reason we still have CQ is for single player support heh.

XTRACT is basically an almost completely new game mode (the code hardly resembles the current version).

SCENARIO will be very cool once we polish it up and optomise a few maps for it.

We're thinking of releasing certain maps ONLY in one game mode. So for example if the map is avaialble in SCENARIO mode, it won't be avaialble in AAS or XTRACT. That way it will hopefully help reduce confusion so that you know when Map X comes up .. it's XTRACT and when Map Y comes up it's SCENARIO.

At least until we polish up the "usability" stuff we're working on (game mode voice overs, current objective indicators, that kinda stuff).


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Old 2006-07-26, 21:43   #15

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Originally Posted by [R-DEV]eggman
Hey Folks,

Release Date for v0.4
When it's done We still have a lot of work to do, so we've decided that shortly after BF2 1.4 releases, we'll drop a Project Reality v0.32 Update to y'all.

Project Reality v0.32 Map Pack Update
Shortly after the release of BF2 1.4 we're going to do a PRMM 0.32 update with the following changes:
  • Map Pack with 3 or 4 maps
  • Add Road to Jalalabad AAS support and PR optomisations
  • Any BF2 1.4 "CTD" level fixes
  • 1 server crashbug fix we've identified (not ours, it's a BF2 bug)
  • Map List with mixed game modes again
  • Supply drop height bugfix
Y'all can go blue in the face asking for other features and changes, but don't expect to see them.. we're trying to keep the team focussed on 0.4.

NOTE: If it happens that BF2 1.4 takes many weeks to ship, then we *may* drop the map pack and just roll it into v0.4.
Let me see if i got this right, by that u ment that its going to be a prior update before 0.40? Did not know that? Clarify me that Egg plz, and THX m8.

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Old 2006-07-26, 21:45   #16

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Yer, I was wondering what those things were, good for kit bags, i hope the work. I hate the standard ones, they look like elastic sacks.

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Old 2006-07-26, 21:57   #17
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Originally Posted by SFA/**]V[E**/L
Let me see if i got this right, by that u ment that its going to be a prior update before 0.40? Did not know that? Clarify me that Egg plz, and THX m8.
there will be a small update if BF2 v1.4 is released before we have completed 0.4 of PRMM. That means you will get bug fixes crated by BF2 v1.4 + other fixes and a little map pack update along with it. nothing huge will be in the update.

If 0.4 of PRMM is ready for the release of BF2 v1.4 then we will drop the map pack update and roll it into v0.4 of PRMM.

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Old 2006-07-26, 21:58   #18
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Yes, the plan is to do a PRMM 0.32 release shortly after BF2 1.4 comes out.

It's just to give folks some new content, including the new EA map "Road to Jalalabad", to keep things interesting while we work on 0.4 (and fix any major issues).

HOWEVER... if BF2 1.4 releases when we're into the final testing stages of 0.4, then we'll likely just skip the 0.32 update and roll that into 0.4.

Just depends on EA's release schedule for BF2 1.4.

Hope that helps clarify.

EDIT: What Rhino said


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Old 2006-07-26, 22:06   #19
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they are absolutely amazin!!!!
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Old 2006-07-26, 22:06   #20
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The idea of a Merlin made me ahhhhhhhh

Oh btw Eggman, you say "Out" not Over and Out as the gayers in the movie like to portray.

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