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Old 2006-07-11, 08:26   #1
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Smile Project Reality 0.40 Status Update 2 - July 10th

Hey Folks,

Thought I'd post a quick update here cuz euhhh... the previous one was about 2 weeks old.

PRMM v0.40
We've been hard at work on v0.40 over the last couple of weeks. We're a little off in our first release to testers mainly because of my Canada Day drinking escapades. This release has a lot more features in it than we originally planned for, so it's taking some time to bring it all together.

In terms of a few of the key items, here's where things stand:

- Kit Limiting looks like our approach is going to work!

- Kit Limiting means a class system overhaul which we have mapped out

- XTRACT game mode now includes the ability for a player to be the VIP and we're working on some "Blackhawk Down" type scenarios. We've also added "checkpoints" to this game mode that require the "VIP" to go through more than 1 location to succesfully be extracted. This game mode looks like its going to be a hoot and is coming together very nicely.

- SCENARIO mode is also coming together very nicely. This game mode will be more suited to the tactically oriented gamer, combining two different types of objectives: SECURE and DESTROY. Secure objectives are capturing CPs as BF2 gamers have come to know. DESTROY objectives are objectives to destroy particular assets. There's a bunch of parameters for configuring scenarios and they can be strung together to make for some varied game play dynamics

- We have some new maps in development as well as a bunch of new statics. Some of the new maps are looking outstanding. Some of you also tested the Community Maps and you'll be seeing a couple of these in 0.4. More than likely, we'll be releasing some maps ONLY in certain game modes. By that I mean that a particular map may only be avaible in XTRACT mode. We want to optomise some of the maps for specific game modes and this is going to take a little time with each map and game mode to get things right.

- The Light AT weapons for GB (LAW 80), USMC (AT 4), MEC (RPG 7) and PLA (PF 89) are all well into production

- All the small arms in the game have had an overhaul and we're continuing to tweak them to be more realistic

- The British Infantry are coming along nicely. We have them in game, tho they are using placeholder small arms in certain cases. I'm optomistic that we can get the Brit Infantry into 0.4

BF2 v1.4
It seems as though nothing in the beta BF2 1.4 patch has broken Project Reality v0.31. This is good news for us as we won't get distracted with a PR patch, which would take us away from our next major release. We hope this remains the case so we can stay focussed on 0.4.

The new map in BF2 1.4 Road to Jalalalalalalalabad looks like a great map. It's also very AAS friendly and should be a great Project Reality map.

We hope to have the next release of Project Reality done shortly after BF2 1.4 releases. However, v0.40 is a major release for us in terms of features, so we'll know more about what's a realistic timeline as we get into testing.

Thanks for your continued support and enjoyment of Project Reality!



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Old 2006-07-11, 08:52   #2
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You may see a new WIP map update in the mapping section of the forums soon so keep your eyes open

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Old 2006-07-11, 09:05   #3
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Time to get moving on the voice samples?

The game is getting to the point where the Reality Dev team need to buy matching t-shirts, go visit the EA Devs and giggle hysterically all the way through the tour!

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AH man, sarcasm is so hard to get across the web, even if we are both british
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Old 2006-07-11, 09:29   #4
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Hooray! 0.4 not to far away! Wooooooo!

*not spam*
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Old 2006-07-11, 11:40   #5
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Default new sounds???

What about the new sounds???

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Old 2006-07-11, 12:11   #6

The above question AND how manys sounds can actually be used in PR. Are we talking about 10 - 20 or 40 + ??? And how do they actually compare, is the PR experience enhanced greatly or just abit???
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Old 2006-07-11, 14:16   #7

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Great to hear some new from you guys

Can't say how much Im looking forward to this releas

Please post some ingame screenshots from the new small arms :

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Old 2006-07-11, 14:27   #8

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Old 2006-07-11, 14:43   #9

Thats great news. I would also like to know a little more about the new sounds, im hoping 0.4 can put my sound card to good use.
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Old 2006-07-11, 15:04   #10


i cant wait its gonna have {xfx sound what ever that is} sounds cool and tweaked weapons to be even more realistic i love this mod cant wait!
do we have do delete .31 or is it a add on
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Closed Thread

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