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Closed Thread
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Old 2006-09-19, 23:59   #11

Resjah's Avatar

You guys suck

I thought we had some new updates

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Old 2006-09-20, 00:47   #12
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Originally Posted by Resjah*
I love you guys!

You pwn!
It's what we do..


*not the original message

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Old 2006-09-20, 01:34   #13

Griffon2-6's Avatar

Wow... That's violating his civil rights, manipulating one's words? And you've gotta be sh*tting me! There were jets on Mashtuur at one point? The fog looked that nice at one point? The textures on the buildings were that awesome at one point? The character skins were that complex at one point? GAAHHHH! I JUST REALIZED HOW MUCH DICE DID DUMB DOWN THE GAME!!!
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Old 2006-09-20, 01:56   #14
Retired PR Developer

Originally Posted by superdj
too bad it never turned out like that....

(btw, I'm posting to REALLY old threads
I predict a vacation in your future if you don't cut it out. Theres no reason to be bumping old threads, and all it will do is cause confusion.

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Old 2006-09-20, 02:45   #15

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Nice building textures.

I also think the mirrored and modified Mashtuur looks pretty sweet.
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Old 2006-09-20, 17:37   #16

luizinhuu's Avatar

which game is this? nice!

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Old 2006-09-20, 17:48   #17

JohnnyPissoff's Avatar

The bottom line ($$$) to all EA/Dice's past and present bullhype and continual ranking system along with direct to drive purchase only "booster packs", is a marketing experiment to see how many strungout sheeple will be willing to pay to play a massive multi bf3 game.
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Old 2006-09-20, 18:17   #18
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Hitperson's Avatar

wow when is that game released??

and when do we get that map

oh wait....

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Old 2006-09-20, 19:49   #19
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Originally Posted by superdj
too bad it never turned out like that....

(btw, I'm posting to REALLY old threads
Please refrain from doing so, thanks.

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Old 2006-09-20, 20:03   #20
Alex L.
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You'd better lock it.

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Closed Thread

bf2, highres, pics, screens
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