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23 Oct 2019, 00:00:00 (PRT)
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PR:BF2 General Discussion General discussion of the Project Reality: BF2 modification.

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Old 2016-04-11, 15:05   #31
Default Re: [MEC] Weapons.

G3 is best assault rifle in game
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Old 2016-04-11, 15:15   #32
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Default Re: [MEC] Weapons.

G3 and FAL are pretty much the same in game. For all of you who are not man enough for a battle rifle, nothing would change with that.

Mineral: TIL that Wire-guided missiles actually use wire
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Old 2016-04-11, 15:47   #33

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Default Re: [MEC] Weapons.

Originally Posted by Jacksonez__ View Post
G3 as STD and FN FAL ALT weapon, why not that layout? Like, Hamas and FSA have got that kind of layout. MEC could use less scopes and better recoil control weapons.

Before you say I need to learn how to play with G3, come on. E.g Iraqi army uses AKM rifles with tactical scopes.

Since MEC is a fictional army, why not mix equipment?

That AKM is beautfiul!
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Old 2016-04-11, 15:59   #34

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Default Re: [MEC] Weapons.

I have no idea whats problem with the G3.
Just because it behaves diffrent from the majority of assault rifles in PR, doesn't mean its a bad weapon, just because some players have problem with it.

I have no problems with this weapon on long to mid range engagements.
Yes this weapon is not that easy to fight with in close range, due to the high recoil, the rather slow rate of fire and the 20 rounds magazin.

But in my opinion you have to deal with it and need to adjust your movements/strategy to the capabilities of the weapon. Like you would in an APC, you cant drive it like a tank...

Its not that easy and often frustrating especially in close range, but another AK? Just because the G3 is not what you are used to?

You can make some pickup kits and hide them somewhere with AKs but when I see a AK as alternativ or even worse as standart weapon on MEC, i will probably puke on my keyboard.

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Old 2016-04-11, 16:00   #35

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Default Re: [MEC] Weapons.

Exactly, G3 and FAL are pretty much the same in game.

Why not mix the weapons,better?
G3 (scope) & AKM (No scope)
G3 (scope) & AUG A1 HBAR
G3 (scope) & Steyr AUG
G3 (scope) & etc.

Any of those! We just need a change or mix!
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Old 2016-04-11, 16:50   #36

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Default Re: [MEC] Weapons.

Yeah,and suppressors and tac lasers on some of them.
MEC would devolve pretty much if that would ever happen,
they would pretty much become BF2 version of itself,or generic
Mideastern forces from any generic arcade shooter.

Seems people want different rifle more because they don't like G3,
rather than G3 is actually problematic in game.
But if you are honest when you say you have problem using G3,then you need to learn to use it.
G3 doesn't work like M4A1 or Tavor.It is battle rifle,which means you will need to have it put on
single shoot fire mode most of the time,and use full auto at extreme close range in desperate situations.
Also,having some factions using battle rifle as standard rifle is quite interesting,giving variety to the game.
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Old 2016-04-11, 17:12   #37

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Default Re: [MEC] Weapons.

G3 is amazing rifle... I have many headshots with it
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Old 2016-04-11, 17:15   #38

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Default Re: [MEC] Weapons.

I think the best solution would be to add an Iran faction, with G3 and AKM as standard rifles, and leave the MEC for the gulf states, with G3 and Steyr Aug.
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Old 2016-04-11, 17:43   #39
Default Re: [MEC] Weapons.

Originally Posted by MaxTheSilva96 View Post
I think the best solution would be to add an Iran faction, with G3 and AKM as standard rifles, and leave the MEC for the gulf states, with G3 and Steyr Aug.

Mats, give MEC Leclerc.
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Old 2016-04-11, 18:06   #40

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Default Re: [MEC] Weapons.

Wow, I feel like I'm taking crazy pills when reading this thread.

The G3 has the best long-range accuracy of any standard assault rifle in this game. Give it enough time to settle and it becomes almost as deadly as any marksman rifle out there.

If you follow proper tactics and play in a squad, most of your engagements in PR should happen at mid- to long-range. This is even more true for MEC maps, as most of them take place in large, open areas. The G3 is ideal for these distances. It's not meant for close-quarters combat, but neither is any of the standard assault rifles on any of the conventional forces in PR. Even so, on full-auto firing mode the G3 can beat the M4/M16 in close engagements any day.

The problem here is not with the rifle, but with the user behind it. OP clearly wants the game to adapt to their specific play style, instead of learning the ropes of PR and going through the same training experience the rest of us did.

PR has never catered to players like this and I hope it never will.

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