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17 Oct 2019, 00:00:00 (PRT)
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Old 2012-12-24, 06:36   #1
Default English Electric Canberra

Do you have any plans to add the Canberra bomber? Could be an interesting addition to the night layer which is when they were flown most often. Or would it be too OP/not suiting the gameplay?

EDIT: Oops, meant English Electric Canberra. close_enough.exe
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Default Re: English Electric Canberra

Fixed the title for ya.

We don't have any plans to make this bomber no. It wasn't excatly used that much during the war and didn't make that much of an impact, especially compared to the others but was one of the few aircraft to be mainly used at night.

The biggest problem I see is with its massive bomb load. Due to the Islands 1:30 scale ingame, it isn't that hard to find the enemy troops (especially getting coordination from the ground, although is much harder at night) and then to drop 6 1000lbs on bombs on their heads...

If we got handed the model we could stick it on the night layer, replacing the A-4s and possibly the Dagger but its something very low priority on my agenda, but would be something a little different I guess

Also another one of the many ironic weapons of the war that the Brits sold to Argentina just to be used against them

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Old 2012-12-25, 09:30   #3
Default Re: English Electric Canberra

I guess it could have a long long reload and spawn time for balance, and as you said being as it's night time it would be difficult to guide the bombs. Would be interesting that's for sure
Heh, I was thinking that, I bet the Brits would've been rotten about it. Thanks for the reply
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Old 2012-12-26, 20:08   #4

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Default Re: English Electric Canberra

Canberras mostly flown night missions against British ground forces. They had some success, as the Canberras were upgraded with Flares and defenses against British missiles.

They continued to bomb British positions even during the final assault on Puerto Argentino, in that mission, a Canberra codenamed B-108 was shot down by a Sea Dart missile fired from a Royal Navy ship, apparently HMS Cardiff, on 13th June.

Another Canberra was shot down by a Sea Harrier on 1st May.

In fact, the two Canberras that were shot down could not deploy their counter-measures. Of all the Canberras that were targeted by missiles, deployed their "homemade" flares and returned home safe.

Source (Spanish)

El ?moderno equipamiento? de los canberra en malvinas[/IMG]
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Default Re: English Electric Canberra

Originally Posted by titsmcgee852 View Post
Heh, I was thinking that, I bet the Brits would've been rotten about it. Thanks for the reply
By far the best tale about that is the RN clearance diver who when asked to remove a 1000lb bomb lodged in the side of a British vessel found it had "HANDLE WITH CARE" written on it in big, friendly letters (among other things).

The key to modernising any weapon is covering them in glue and tossing them in a barrel of M1913 rails until they look "Modern" enough.

Many thanks to [R-DEV]Adriaan for the sig!
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british, canberra, electric, english
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