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08 Dec 2023, 00:00:00 (PRT)
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Default Project Reality on Linux / Steam Deck?

Has anyone had success with running Project Reality on a Steam Deck? I guess I am also interested in people's experience running PR in Wine in general.

I play quite a bit of battlebit on my steamdeck, but Squad is wayyyy too demanding to run on a steam deck. I honestly think PR would be perfect for steam deck if I could get it working, I have fond memories of dying lots in PR years ago.
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Default Re: Project Reality on Linux / Steam Deck?

I haven't been able to get PR to run under WINE, but the last WINE version that I compiled was around 7.0, so feel free to experiment. The most practical way to run PR under linux is either with a passthrough VFIO (clearly not for Deck users) or with VMWare player.
The best way, IMO, is to just dual boot so you're getting the max performance.

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