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19 May 2022, 00:00:00 (PRT)
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PR:BF2 General Discussion General discussion of the Project Reality: BF2 modification.

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Exclamation What makes Project Reality unique from ALL other games?

No other game will have any of these things together. All the things you can do only in Project Reality that set it aside from other FPS games listed below. The tactics, the capabilities of the game, the potential for maxing out numbers assets used together. It puts together a standard concept that applies to all maps/terrain I like to call "The Omaha Boat" concept, 1 boat alone dies too fast, too many boats together are too many to kill. Same with Tanks + APC + IFV + logistics repairs + super FOBs + Jeeps all putting out for each other, requires the enemy to prioritize, adapt, stresses them. No other game does all this together. Then max out the potential output of that forces munitions. All the skills players can learn to max out their potential. It simulates the second to second survival, rewards the player for skills, taking steps towards being safer, psychologically baiting enemy.

1.) Playing dead - The best way to not get killed by 8 guys when outnumbered and get the element of surprise on them. Psychological tactic. Close enough to drop grenades then switch to other weapons, like a berserker.

2.) Getting up in trees- A great way to hide every person in your squad, the enemy searches the ground. I want at some point to let a full enemy squad walk below my squad, we will jump down and knife.

3.) Armor brigade tactics and 1 man per hit per tank shell tactics- The way the game way intended to be played. Need to treat assets like they are important, but also as if they were a heavily armored infantry player. Ammo not used is ammo wasted. Use its role with every tactic possible for advantage. That means they get repairs from logistics truck like its a medic, they are apart of the fight as bait. Everyone is a listening post for sound of enemy armor direction to report to friendly tanks.

This tactic is like the old version of the Trophy Active Protection System, use it while looking around. The anti-tank guys you don't see because they fire through bushes if you don't see them in the open. Enemy hides when they hear your engine and don't feel good when a dumb one looks at you for no reason.

4.) We can play like this, just a little bit different. Would be nice if we had tanks with rollers and M58 MICLIC mine clearing with ABV anti-tank dozers or even the time capability to place anti-tank mine field belts like this. But the combat engineer is enough for now with the logistics trucks providing the bridge.

5.) Forget playing a game like Project Reality as if its a big map Call of Duty or Battlefield play style That just wastes your teams tickets. That should naturally happen as close combat situations for objective requirements come, but take time to try new things till those situations come. The stamina and reduced capability in gear really sets this game apart from others. Set up intentional tactics and experiment. Lay into the enemy hard with all assets and be a leader ensuring they are used to fullest potential before being destroyed or captured. Frustrate your enemy, waste their time and attention on one thing. Got TOW, .50 cals and AR shooting at me just for 1 DShK they can't confirm status of.
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Default Re: What makes Project Reality unique from ALL other games?

(trying to ignore the playing dead thing)

The reason I first came to Project Reality was the Barret 50 in vanilla BF2 needing 2 shots to kill. Drove me nuts using it.

The thing that puts PR over other games is the large maps that actually require tactics, and in PR you have to think as you would in real life (to be good).

The large scale maps was something that I got addicted to in Battlefront, the Star Wars game, where I first experienced them.

Everything before then I had played was like running through a maze. Doom, Castle Wolfenstein, original Call of Duty.

Call of Duty was cool, but the ranges have never been like what you have in PR. In PR you actually need a scope.

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Default Re: What makes Project Reality unique from ALL other games?

pr a great game it requires teamwork and communication to win the round effectively the player base needs to work together and trust each other regardless of skill level and that what sets itself apart from other games the amount of resources players can learn and lookup is a lot and new and veteran players alike can learn a thing or too on something
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