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Old 2007-01-06, 21:17   #101

Originally Posted by ArmedDrunk&Angry
What the 9-11 and the dark overlord theories do is give people an excuse to opt out of the process.
By saying it's a plot or that super rich people are secretly plotting things is like reading an after action report of a meeting engagement on unkown ground and seeing a preplanned mock battle.
All the issues in these theories are far more complex than what we post here and that leaves a lot of room to draw conclusions about past events.
In the present we are fighting a real enemy that uses real bullets and explosives to kill real coalition forces.
The real people that are really doing that follow an extremist branch of the Muslim faith.
Those people have shown a willingness and desire to die will killing infidels and nothing can truly stop a determined suicidal assassin.
But we can lower the chance of some guy setting off a suitcase nuke inside a trailer full of dirty radiological waste.
But any discussion is pointless if you feel the government deliberatly caused 9-11 and let that convoy escape because of some deeper plan.
It effectively lets you off the hook for doing anything because you support neither side in the conflict.
I have never heard or read of anything the gov did that they didn't F up in some material way and yet they pulled of 9-11 with only these scraps of often fabricated evidence.
No matter what we say, dead kids come home every day and there is no easier way out of Iraq than victory.

This is the link to screw loose change. I had it in my sig for a while since Chris has the CT link in his, but I got bored with that.
Straw man arguments...

It's not a left right paradigm thing at all..

And I never said it was the government that ran the 911 attack. I said it was the secret government that ran the attack. That is something entirely different; the secret shareholders of the private corporation known as the Federal Reserve. The government you see and vote for are obvious quislings and lickspittles to the rich, deliberately chosen for their contemptible morals and wretched personalities by their paymasters to make the public despair of democracy.

And you contradict yourself; you say that the government always screws up everthing it does. But the government is running the war. So by your reasoning the government must necessarily screw up the war it's pursuing...

And nobody is arguing opting out at all. We're arguing seizing back the government and the constitution from the AIPAC terrorists that have hijacked it...
You really don't want to be associated with torturers that rape small children in front of their parents in a dungeon...

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