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Default 0x10c PRTA

Hey guys, I am really interested in 0x10c. And I am planning on making a fleet of sorts with some solar systems.

Was wondering if anyone else is following this cool game.

It seems the meta game has begun and people are really "e-dramatizing" stuff up with joining different stuff.

As those who play Eve might know it seems gameplay might be similar in some way. However we know very little of the game atm.

Ive made a recruiter on their forum here:

0x10c - The Project Reality Teamwork Alliance!

And If anyone want to join, or sign up, we would love to plan and work on this game, since its soooo cool

There is a DCPU and stuff. Anyway, ive got a fleet brewing, with ships and stuff. If your interested reply here or on that link i gave ya.

What do we know so far from the OFFICIAL SITE?

1. There will be landing on planets
2. There will be derelict ships and remains floating in space
3. Ships will break, and will require fixing
4. Each ship has a generator capable of producing a fixed wattage - Your power level is limited!
5. Cloaking vevices may appear as ship modules

Ok, now it's time fot the unoficial FAQ notch mentioned for us HERE. As it's twitter based There might be "doubled" elements here and in the next section.

1. Ships will be player-built
2. Mechanical maintenance required
3. Ships will drift in space when engines are cut off
4. You can buddy up with friends on one ship and operate it together

Another part i will include comes from IRC chat on 17th of April 2012. All the info i have here comes from: HERE and HERE. Enjoy the news, and Yes - I do know some of these were mentioned before, and some are VERY obvious, but it's still info!

1. Generators will have some spare output that can be used for recharging batteries etc.
2. The basc generator will give constant wattage, there will be no "running out of fuel".
3. DCPU-16 runs server-side, so You don't have to worry about it affecting Your pc.
4. DCPU-16 screens are constantly refreshed in real time.
5. You will be able to connect real computers through the game to the dcpu in the game. (mods?)
6. Several radio types for different type of communication will be available - low range, long range, and "multiverse" range.
7. You'll have to ask what hardware is connected, and map it manually from within software.
8. Multiple monitors can be connected to the same DCPU-16. Different or the same display will depend only on memory mapping.
9. Data will be stored on floppies and smal HDDs, no tapes .
10. No "arcade" piloting, You will have to controll every parameter of all engines to move and maneuver.
11. Possible number of "explorable" stars (solar systems?) can be up to 100k.
12. No mouse input for DCPU-16, only joysticks and keyboard will be available.
13. Automated drones will be availabe, also for planetary missions (mining, exploring, etc.)
14. It's possile there will be an "in-game" system for sharing Your software.
15. Better DCPU processors can be found (different frequencies, power usage).
16. All ships will be "air tight", so no "open" ships .
17. Underclicking (maybe also overclicking?) will be available for the DCPU for better power management.
18. All possible kinds of planets will be included and sized in realistic scale.
19. No star/planet naming system unless You make Your DCPU display them with names.
20. Radiation will cause random errors in DCPU functioning.
21. "Passive stealth" - power emmision will affect detection rate of the ship.
22. "Active cloaking" will consume a LOT of generator output.
23. Objects that You will build Your ships of will most probably have I/O pretty much like in GMod.

What else is there? Let's keep on digging, so it's time for Notch on Twitter!

1. Ship computer might have a built-in voice synthesizer
2. Technology level is set to year 1988
3. Both Your character and ship will respawn after death
4. You will be able to name and custom-paint Your own ship
5. Onboard computer upgrades are going to be one of the key features
6. Possibly an artificial gravity used on ships (no floating at all?)
7. Remote ship controll will be possible
8. Flashlights used during repairs and exploration
9. Laser weapons
10. Item batery recharging via generator
11. Salvage missions and boarding derelict ships
12. Artificial gravity turning off and magnetic boots
13. Totaly customizable ship interior
14. Turrets (and possibly all other elements) can be both player and manualy controlled
15. Earth will not be in the game as an easter egg or an actual planet
16. 3D Wireframe display for DPCU-16 (top radar picture display)

THE EXTRAS - screenshots and other goodies about looks

1. Everything is supposed to look low-poly for the old school feel in it.
2. Game looks are to be texture free except several effects.
3. The general looks will be aimed on how people immagined the future in 1980's, not the 80's itself
4. Wireframe mode for totaly oldschool looks!

Xact Wicca is The Joker. That is all.
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