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28 Sep 2020, 00:00:00 (PRT)
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Old 2013-12-25, 10:40   #11
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Default Re: T-90 and Type 98 overpowered

I agree, its too easy when facing other tanks in the t90 or type 98. I think an atgm should damage a tank in one way or another but not blow it up outright. In a game recently on wanda shan I and a few buddies were operating the leo 2 and we were not doing badly at all but simply due to the type 98's atgm's we quickly lost ground. I was always under the impression the leopard 2 could absorb atgm's in real life so it's frustrating when it instantly kills you.

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Old 2013-12-26, 15:00   #12
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Default Re: T-90 and Type 98 overpowered

Cleaned up the offtopic;
if you are unsure of how MBT AP shells work against other tanks in PR, check out this video:
MBT AP Damage - PR 1.0 - YouTube

Regarding the MBT ATGMs, we put ATGMs on tanks where its possible and common.
Maybe we can have separated T90/Type98 tank models with different armament, featuring ATGM or non.

For balancing, our mappers are trying to keep it as even as possible; if one team has stronger tanks available, they can add more air superiority, add more transport, ect.

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