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17 Nov 2019, 00:00:00 (PRT)
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Old 2010-08-22, 22:08   #51
Default Re: PR:ArmA2 - Highlights Reel #2 (Part 4)

That's why I spent money on buying both ArmA2 releases: even with version 0.1 being still in progress it's already looking serious. With all that heavy gear I seen in pictures I hope DEVs make good maps with enough places to hide from them.
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Old 2010-08-22, 22:15   #52
Default Re: PR:ArmA2 - Highlights Reel #2 (Part 4)

Quoting myself from the BIS forums:

Great news UK_Force!

I do have a question about rally points. How are they going to be limited with regards to where they can be dropped? Are we going to see rally points hidden in caves behind enemy lines giving the ability for a constant stream of players to "spawn flank" enemy positions?

In the "squad management" (i thought we'd have sections? ) screenshot, i dont see a commander? Are commanders not required? Maybe the platoon structure is not set for v 0.1?

Does the scoreboard screenshot have a total of 50 players or 72? I know they are AI but is this an indication as to the numbers your hoping to get on the servers?

Sorry for all the questions but i am quite excited about this project!

P.S. I've had no response from epoch yet, if the answer is a no then thats fine i'd just like to know.

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Old 2010-08-22, 22:37   #53

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Default Re: PR:ArmA2 - Highlights Reel #2 (Part 4)

Well you got your response from epoch :P

And they got a system for the RP's so that they wont get abused. Just not sure if UK_Force wants to spoil it yet... So you'll have to wait for his post

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Old 2010-08-22, 23:22   #54

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Default Re: PR:ArmA2 - Highlights Reel #2 (Part 4)

a long time ago I talked myself outta buying Arma and decided to just wait for PR2 and stick with BF2PR. Then i read these updates, and now im waiting for A2: combined operations to finish installing. Cant wait

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Old 2010-08-22, 23:47   #55

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Default Re: PR:ArmA2 - Highlights Reel #2 (Part 4)

Originally Posted by FelipeFR View Post
ACE, who? What? Where? When?

Just kiddding.

Nope, seriously, that's pretty... pretty badass. I am really considering buying ArmA II now, but, could I ask you guys something? Why is it needed to buy both vanilla ArmA II and Operation Arrowhead? Because, you know, game prices arround here in Brazil are pretty damn high, 100 reais, considering that each American Dollar is equivallent to about 1,60 (I'm not really sure) reais, and having to buy both of them is... kinda difficult, speccially considering that it is very hard to find stores selling original PC games, and I don't have an international credit card, so I can't use Steam or PayPal.
Because.....It uses Operation Arrowhead Thermals and new things from OA. But also uses conventional regular ArmA 2 stuff

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Old 2010-08-23, 01:44   #56
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Default Re: PR: ArmA2 Newsreel #2 (Part 4)

Originally Posted by JDMT View Post
Jesus Christ...
You said it man!

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Old 2010-08-23, 07:00   #57

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Default Re: PR:ArmA2 - Highlights Reel #2 (Part 4)

how big do you think the file will be? i dont want to blow all my gigs on just downloading ArmA2
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Old 2010-08-23, 07:43   #58
Default Re: PR:ArmA2 - Highlights Reel #2 (Part 4)

There is module in ARMA 2 OA that you can use mortars with target artillery map, heres a vid that i made, Will mortars be available ingame? Like they can be carried and deployed to certain positions and used on enemy locations, and will both OPFOR and BLUFOR have them?

YouTube - ARMA 2 Operation Arrowhead: Tour Of Duty Day 1.
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Old 2010-08-23, 09:30   #59

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Default Re: PR:ArmA2 - Highlights Reel #2 (Part 4)

like this can still be used landing equipment and people. will be something like this?
YouTube - Arma2 OA IL-76
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Old 2010-08-23, 10:16   #60

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Default Re: PR:ArmA2 - Highlights Reel #2 (Part 4)

and equipment will be on the map, will be aviation airplanes??
or will be Counter-Strick?
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