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26 Oct 2020, 00:00:00 (PRT)
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PR In-Game Tactics and Strategies In-game tactics guides from the community.

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Heavy Death

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Default How to play One-Life!

I figured that since I make the "rules", I should also try to explain what I want to achieve with them and will for that very reason write a somewhat detailed guide with explanations. Keep in mind that this is not meant to force feed you "milsim" gameplay, it's more about using the rules to prolong your life and enjoy the event to it's maximum potential.

I will start from the basic squadmember and then rise up to the commander. It will be written in three sections to keep it tidy.


One-Life events (hosted by PRTA) are meant to create a very immersive emotional experience on the highest level of realism PR can offer in it's basic state. They have reached such a state in development that core gameplay changes will not be altered and the end-game states occur at the exact moments they should. In short, the One-Life gamemode is "self governing" and doesn't need the intervention of gamemasters, except when specifically decided. You are able to immerse yourself fully and create your own experience on all levels, being only limited by the games imposed rules. Your mind is focused on the gameplay.

Playing as a Squad Member

Spoiler for SM:
When you are playing as a squadmember it is important to know your kit as you are going to be stuck with it on the battlefield for the majority of the time, if not the whole round.
Using your kit to it's full potential is what keeps you and your squad alive longer, however keep in mind that your main tool is your gun.
Stay focused on the role you play and don't take unnecessary risks.
There is basically no changes (except that you only get one life) compared to the normal PR game on this level, except after being revived, you will have to survive for atleast 10 minutes in order to regain the ability to be revived again. This is to simulate state of shock or adrenaline/morphine overdose if used in such a quick succession.

Playing as a Squad Leader

Spoiler for SL:
As a squadleader, you are directly responsible for the lives of up to 7 other people or even more. Before you set foot on the battlefield, make sure your squad is equipped with the right equipment to avoid trips back to main and possible loss of time or lives. Kits cannot be requested from the crates or APCs, but only from fixed crates and vehicle repair stations, often found in main bases. This chage is in place in order to simulate different roles that each soldier is trained for. APCs and crates still provide ammo, so that simulates the necessary equipment being included. It also prevents unrealistic exploits like grabbing a kit when situation calls for it, requesting rifleman kits and dropping ammo to prolong crate life indefinitely and for APC crews to stick to their kit, not request different kits when abandoning their vehicle in the event of terminal damage. Know your squads strenghts and weakneses, judging from the players, guns, equipment taken and act accordingly.
CQB is lethal, even more so with 1:1 ratio of enemies and friendlies. It is extremely hard to pull off efficiently and requires a well trained squad with the right equipment. If possible, always opt for the longest possible range in a firefight.
Suppression fire works, but that doesn't mean the enemy wont shoot back. It is all about accurate sustained fire on the target area, which will in turn kill any enemies trying to shoot back. The ammount of ammunition avaliable in a squad should cover a 5-10 minute engagement, depending on the severity.
50% of your squad was wounded, but revived. Do you press on? Best option in this case, under fire or not, is to seek quick transport back to main and wait there for 10 minutes. Your squad will regain revive options and reload on ammo and supplies. Waiting always beats morale loss and you retain warmed up squad members, instead of new drop-ins.
Intel and scouting are priceless. Provide and recieve as much intel from the other squads as possible and thus greatly reduce the risk of surprises. It's best to appoint a frontman to scout out corners.
The goal is to win, but you will only win if you keep your men alive.

Playing as the Commander

Spoiler for CO:
At the higher level of command, you are in control of the whole team. Anybody can command a battle, but first he needs to shoot me a PM for me to explain in details how the game will work and if there are any changes that might alter the strategy.
Since the CO slot is removed, you are forced to lead a CO/HQ squad. It can be anything, but has to be led with an Officer kit.
After knowing the changes (if any), you can envision the strategy and start roughly planning. Assets are no-respawn so you must take that into account while sendig them on the battlefield.
Recon is a must. Figuring out the enemy strongpoints will enable you to send the appropriate ammount of personell and equipment into the asault, if necesarry. It is always safer to control the battlefield from longer ranges and make the enemy fall back from pressure.

This guide is WIP and will be expanded and tidied up on the fly.

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