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06 Jun 2020, 00:00:00 (PRT)
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Default Contact! Off-season Battle

Contact! Off-season Battle
__________________________________________________ __

PRTA Presents: Contact! Off-season Battle | 1700 UTC, Saturday 25th of April 2020

Contact! - Offseason Battle

The first Contact! Off-season Battle appeared to have been great fun! Now it's time to move ahead and prepare for the 2nd off-season battle!

How it works
Two commanders will be selected from the Commander sign ups and two teams will be built from individual, group and squad sign ups.

The Commanders will be assigned to a team 2 hours before the scheduled start of the battle. They will be responsible for preparing a deployment plan as well as directing the battle with help of their squad leaders, hopefully promoting both communication and coordination across the whole team.

Only one map will be played out of a pool of 2 maps. This map will be announced to the teams only 2 hours in advance of the battle.

In order to play you can sign up one of three ways: as an individual, as a group of up to 3 men or as a full squad of 6 men plus 2 reserves. Commanders will have the final say on the number of slots for each squad in their Team. More information on sign ups can be found below.

Teamspeak presence on the day of the battle is mandatory. Be present in Battle Waiting Room at least half an hour before the scheduled battle start so that the commanders can inform you of the deployment plan and for the Administration to sort any last minute issues that may arise.

Battle Details
Date: 25th of April 2020
Time: 17:00 UTC
Password: TBA in TeamSpeak at 16:45 UTC
Map: TBA in TeamSpeak at 15:00 UTC

Teams and Commanders

Map Pool
Spoiler for Assault on Grozny:

Spoiler for Asset List:

2x Ural-4320 Logistics (5 minutes respawn)
2x Ural-4320 (5 minutes respawn)
2x BRDM-2 (10 minutes respawn)
1x UAZ-315 (5 minutes respawn)
2x BMP-1(15 minutes respawn)
1x Mi-17 Hip-H (5 minutes respawn, 2 minutes delayed)
2x EQ2080 Logistics (5 minutes respawn)
2x EQ2080 2.5 Ton (5 minutes respawn)
1x BJ2020 (5 minutes respawn)
3x VN-3 (10 minutes respawn)
2x BWP-1 (15 minutes respawn)
1x Mi-17 Hip-H (5 minutes respawn, 2 minutes delayed)

Spoiler for Shijia Valley:

Spoiler for Asset List:

1x M35 Logistics (5 minutes respawn)
2x M35 2.5 Ton (5 minutes respawn)
2x M1151 Up-Armored HMMWV (5 minutes respawn)
3x UH-60L Blackhawk (5 minutes respawn)
1x OH-58D Kiowa Hydra (15 minutes respawn, 20 minutes delayed)
1x Star 1466 Logistics (5 minutes respawn)
2x Star 944 Support (5 minutes respawn)
2x Honker Skorpion-3 (5 minutes respawn)
3x Mi-17 Hip-H (5 minutes respawn)
1x W-3W Sokol (15 minutes respawn, 20 minutes delayed)

One map will be randomly selected from the above map pool and it will be played for 1 round. You can download the map pack below.

Flag Ticket System
The custom flag ticket system used during Contact! Season 2 will again be implemented for this off-season battle. For the more forgetful ones or the new players who were not introduced to it, the following infographic illustrates the custom ticket system in detail.

Standard PRTA PR:BF2 rules will be used for this scrim. You can read them here. The use of the Commander UAV is prohibited.

Sign Ups
If you would like the chance to play in the next battle, please sign up as instructed here:

Sign ups close April 22nd at 2359 UTC. If the number of applicants exceeds the number of server slots, priority will be given to members of PRTA, its units and guest units. The remaining applications will be sorted in a first come first served fashion. We will assign players to each team with the help of both commanders to ensure balance. You will be informed of this distribution in advance of the battle.

Map Pack Download and Install
You can download the map pack ZIP file here.
Follow these instructions in order to setup this map pack in your PR installment:

  • Close Project Reality if it is running
  • Extract the pr folder from the downloaded ZIP file and place it in your PR installation folder C:\Program Files (x86)\Project Reality\Project Reality BF2\mods. If you installed PR in another location, then extract to [your_PR_folder_path]\mods
    If you're not familiar with extracting a ZIP archive, please follow these instructions
  • If you would like to, you can take a look at the map in local server:
    1. Start Project Reality.
    2. Click Deployment.
    3. Click Create Local.
    4. You can select Contact! maps from the map list.
    5. Click Add map.
    6. Click Deploy.
    7. Enjoy!

If you encounter any problems, bugs or anomalies, please post in feedback thread here.

Xact Wicca is The Joker. That is all.
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Default Re: Contact! Off-season Battle

Join teamspeak!

Xact Wicca is The Joker. That is all.
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