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07 Aug 2020, 00:00:00 (PRT)
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PR:BF2 Suggestions Suggestions from our community members for PR:BF2. Read the stickies before posting.

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Old 2008-04-29, 21:37   #41

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Both of you stop, your getting off topic. Only reason I didn't say no nickbonds comment was because he's an RCOna nd might not release his CONtribution to the mod

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Old 2008-04-30, 03:34   #42
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How about this one:
-Don't create a squad before the server loads otherwise it could create a squad bug. Thats when you can't have squads and thats bad, very bad.

You miss 100% of the shots you don't take.- Wayne Gretzky
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Old 2008-04-30, 03:48   #43

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Originally Posted by crazyasian11 View Post
How about this one:
-Don't create a squad before the server loads otherwise it could create a squad bug. Thats when you can't have squads and thats bad, very bad.
I support this tip, and all those who follow it.

-Keep your team up to date. If you're moving in to cap a flag, type in TEAM chat your actions, and plan. That way, air support can soften your advance, armour squads can oversee your movement, and other squads will have the power to move in as one.

-A squad dedicated to helping the Commander build and support is appreciated. Just be sure to name the squad properly to avoid solo snipers from joining and leaving you without a shovel.

-If you can and you're an engineer, repair the vehicle you're in. Transport helicopter pilots, support truck and heavy transport drivers will appreciate the healthy car. Would you drive a beat-up jalopy into the front lines?

-Just because a nearby teammate isn't in your squad, that doesn't mean you can't support him if time allows. Say your squad takes a break to plan, and a bleeding Rifleman AT is near. Would you leave that vehicle-buster to die?

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Old 2008-04-30, 12:50   #44

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You're not full of yourself at all
of course not i am joking, sorry my sarcasm filter wasnt working when i wrote that post

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Old 2008-04-30, 13:55   #45

Frosty_Mc0wnage's Avatar

- Frequently check your squad roster to make sure those assigned kits haven’t got swapped out.

- Remind your squad’s Marksman that his role is to provide close cover for your squad, and not for that hill thar’yonder.

- If in doubt as to your role grab a medic kit.

- Call the compass bearing of enemy movement before firing (it’s at the bottom middle of the screen).

- Always re-supply your ammo bag before anyone re-arms, period. You can then always drop another.

- Dropping a mine? Tell your SL and get it marked.

- Want to impress your friends, family and squad mates!? Then press G to pick up your rope. Hear the gasps of amazement, get the cake! Get the girl! Get the flag!
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Old 2008-04-30, 23:16   #46

-Never, ever shoot at a friendly transport chopper. If you want to get a transport chopper's attention, use your colored smoke. Bullets will scare the chopper away.

-When waiting for a transport helicopter to land for extraction, have all of your squad members next to you. A transport helicopter is not going to stay in one place longer than a few seconds, so stick together!
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Old 2008-05-09, 07:18   #47

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Default Re: PR Loading Screen Tip Suggestion Thread

-When you tell your squad that you are going medic, STAY AS THE MEDIC!
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Old 2008-05-18, 11:00   #48

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Default Re: PR Loading Screen Tip Suggestion Thread

i know one.. something like:

If you see enemy. you should only shoot if you are sure, you can hit them! otherwise you will just give your position away!


You do not always have to shoot when you see enemy! sometimes its better to wait till you are closer, or sometimes its better if you stay unseen by the enemy


First aim!! Before you start shooting...

[3dAC] MikeDude
Loving PR since 0.2.
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Old 2008-05-20, 21:31   #49
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Default Re: PR Loading Screen Tip Suggestion Thread

don`t be rambo.
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Old 2008-05-21, 02:42   #50

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Default Re: PR Loading Screen Tip Suggestion Thread

When attacking a fixed position, don't be afraid to suppress the position while the rest of the squad advances.
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Closed Thread

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