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09 Aug 2020, 00:00:00 (PRT)
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PR:BF2 Suggestions Suggestions from our community members for PR:BF2. Read the stickies before posting.

Closed Thread
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Exclamation Already Suggested Suggestions (ASS) and Disallowed Suggestions

We are not accepting equipment suggestions (this includes everything: weapons, gear and vehicles) for any factions for which we have an MA or knowledgeable people within the team.

This includes both US factions, the British, the IDF, the PLA, the Canadian, the Militia, the German, the Hamas, the MEC, the Insurgent, the Taliban and the Russians.


Ask yourself the following questions:

1. Is it worth it?

The mod team has limited means and can only set out for so many ends. While adding the ultra-elite counter terrorist Vatican Swiss Guards as a new faction would be cool, ultimately it would require an awful lot of time and add little to our mod.

2. Has it already been suggested?

In over a year of development, we've had quite a lot of suggestions made, many of which didn't pan out but are still re-incarnated monthly by new forum-goers. While we appreciate the ethusiasm, we'd also like you to get to know the long and glorious history of the Suggestions forum.


3. Is it already in-game?

Sometimes completely new members who have yet to play the game will suggest something which has obviously already been done. Other times a less apparent feature, like bullet drop (every bullet drops, folks) will be requested. Its always good to double-check that claymores haven't been removed from the game completely before suggesting we give them to the engineer class.

4. Does it fit with the Main Aim of the Project Reality mod?

Please remember that our main pronciple aim is to promote teamwork, make the BF2 engine into a realistic yet fun tri-service battleground, and introduce British Forces. We have added to this list as 'secondary aims', like adding Insurgents etc, but please do NOT bother suggesting a complete re-design or any kind of special forces only mod, as it will no doubt be met with a brick wall from Devs.


Originally Posted by El_Vikingo View Post
These ideas have already been suggested:

Red are Hardcoded, in other words not possible.
Blue are already in game.
Purple are community factions, community faction vehicles, or weapons that are being made by a community team.
Green are ideas that have no place in Project Reality, anything suggested for coolness reasons only for example.
Press "CTRL+F" and type in what you want to search for.

If you cannot find it here, Use the search function.
3D IronSights 1 2 3
AC-130 Gunship 1 2 3 4
APC Spawning/gunner Position 1 2
Assault Grenade Launcher (GL) Sights
Automatic M14
Amphibious Assault Vehicle - AAV
Asymmetrical Balance
Backblast from Anti tank weapons
Blood Effect
Black screen when dead 1
Bouncy Grenades
Breaching/Breeching/Battering Rams/Doors/C2/
Bipods for Sniper/Support/LMG/Machine Gun
Better/detailed weapons model
Bullet Penetration
Bullet Drop
Better Wreck explosions
Caches - make unknown caches non-destroyable/only one cache
Cameraman/Reporter Kit [for Insurgent OR Blufor]1
Customisable kits/ Kit Customisation/Custom Kits
Concertina Wire/Barbed Wire/Razor Wire
Commander placed TOW
Combined Forces (UK+US vs MEC+PLA)
Chinese Rebels
Civilians/Non Combatants Better clothing/less differentiated from Insurgents
Civilian Killed=Death for Killer
Delayed Points/Remove Ingame point scoreboard
Deployables - Militia/Insurgent deployable AA
Deployables - Insurgent/Taliban DshK Machinegun
Depth of Field on weapons, blurred around sights
Destroyable Bunkers/ Any Statics
Defibrillators Unrealistic/Medic/Remove
Dynamic Injury/Legs/Arms
Dynamic Weather System/ Day to Night maps
Drive By
Health Indicator
Ear Ringing/Tinnitus/Beep/Shout
Drag/Help/Pull/Pickup wounded/downed/friendly
Fast Ropes
Free Aim (Armed Assault/Operation Flashpoint)
Foxholes (FB placeables)
Vanilla unlock system


-SWAT, SPETZNAZ, GSG Any Police Force
-Australian 1
-British forces

-Dutch 1

-Norwegian 1
-PFC/PMC/Private Military Companies/PSC/Private Security Companies/Mercenaries/Blackwater 1
-Serbian Army
-United Nations Faction

Infra Red Goggles/Thermal Sights
Invasion of USA
Scopes/Backup Ironsights
Insurgent Helicopters
Insurgent/Iraqi Jets/planes
Insurgent Roadblocks
Instrument Panels/HUD/Helicopters/Horizon/Artificial
range marker on binoculars
Limited Pilot Kit
Leaning/Looking around Corners
Longer Time Wrecks Disappearing Bodies [in-game]
Head Bouncing/bobbing/shake/wobble/wobbling
Headshot kills
Helicopter Crashes/Non mid air explosion
Helicopter Controls/Physics (too Difficult)
Holstered Rifles/Not in Use/Rifle Slings
Kicking grenades
Killing/Finishing off wounded
Maps - bring back old PR maps/retro maps
Minefields/deployable minefields/minelayers - 1
Minimap (bring back)
Mounted MGs on CO assets
Music in Chopper/Helicopters
Mine/C4/SLAM Warnings
Name Tags- Only for your squad
Night Maps
Omaha Beach Map/Beach Assault
Private Servers/Pay to Play/Passworded
Parachute Spawning
Paratrooper Kit
Pick up main weapon from enemy kits only, not equipment
Pistol Sounds/Damage Improvements
Plane Crashes/Non Mid Air Explosions
Planes too Slow/Difficult to shoot down
Prone Spamming/Dolphing Diving
Prone Fire Delay (instant prone)
Change minimap/Colour/Color/Rally Point Colour/RP
Radioman kit
Radio Messages/Any At All
Real Damage To Soldiers
Random Events (JDAM or Artillery going off)
Random collaborator skins
Realistic accuracy
Realistic weight system
Reducing Spawn times
Recon Kits
Remove the Spotting Function/Manual Only
Remove minimap
Repair Station
Reinforcements in Waves
Rubber bullets/Bean Bags/Non Lethal
Shooting when shot at/upon not being able to shoot back
Sounds can be too loud
Specialized squads (usually done ingame via server participation)
Squad Distance limiter
Squad Cars/Personal Vehicles
Squad Sandbags / Dirt Mounds / Foxholes
Stationary RPGs
Sound Occlusion/ Block Sound/bouncing sounds
Pilot Application/Commander Approval
Spec Ops as a limited kit/Remove [in-game]
Surgeries/Field Hospitals.1
Suicide Bomb kits
Snipers/Semi/Partial/Transparency/Visibility/See/through 1
Suppressing/Suppression Fire
Stamina reduction upon dodging bullets
Spread Bullet Decrease accuracy
Squad Size 8 men increase
Squad leader spawning
Squad leader Spawning Remove
Squad leader having a different weapon
Sound Delay/Travel/time
Slow Sprint
Sniper - decoy/deployable concealment/hide
Television/Press/TV Crews/Stations
Topographical maps
Training Maps
TrackIR4 1
UAV - micro UAV/Raven/tactical UAV/squad UAV 1 2
Weapons - M82/M107/M21
Weapons - Nerf/AT/HAT/Heavy/anti/tank/light
Weapons - Weapon Sway/Wave/Tremble
Weapons - Replacement Pistols - Tokarev/Makarov
Weapons - Ironsights on all Weapons/Including Stationary ones
Weapons - JDAM 500/2500 lbs Bombs
Weapons - Remove/Extend Overheating
Weapons - Reskinning/Textures
Weapons - Resupplying system for specialised munition (inf/vehicle/air)
Weapons - Moveable fixed LMG/lean/rest on objects/Bipods
Weapons - SAM-R/SDM-R
Weapons - SR-25/Mk11/M110
Weapons - Support Gunner/Give back ammo
Weapons - Support Gunner/SAW Magazines
Weapons - Support Gunner/Scopes
Weapons - Javelin
Weapons - Lee Enfield/Kar98
Weapons - Minimi/for British Support
Weapons - Guns JAM/Jamming
Weapons - Sounds Not being realistic
Weapons - RPG Ironsights Optics
Weapons - Supressors/Silencers for SpecOps/Snipers
Weapons - Draw time weapon delay noob tube spammage
Weapons - Grenade Physics
Weapons - Larger Bombs
Weapons - M32 / Multiple Grenade Launcher
Weapons - MK 19/ Automatic Grenade Launcher 1 2 3
Weapons - Active Denial System / Microwave Weapon 1 2 3
Weapons - Cruise Missiles
Weapons - Artillery/ Manual
Weapons - Airstrike Request
Weapons - Ability to check for ammo/magazines.
Weapons - Bayonets (some weapons)
Weapons - Personal Defense Weapon/PDW/SMG/Pilot/Protection
Weapons - Bullet Caliber Damage
Weapons - Unrealistic Damage
Weapons - Different Grenades For Each Army
Weapons - Transparent/invisible/disguised/buried mines/C4/explosives
Weapons - Any BF2v weapon/Mp5/FN2000/Scar(H)(L)
Weapons - M240/M60/M16A4/ACOG Scopes/VSS Vintorez
Weapons - Mk-12/Special Purpose Rifle/SPR
Weapons - Tracers/Unrealistic
Weapons - Scoped LMG/Support Weapons
Weapons - Machine-gunner Kit (Medium Machine-gun/GPMG)
Weapons - Steyr HS-50
Weapons - Accuracy International AW-50F
Weapons - Recoilless Rifles
Weapons - DSHK
Weapons - Ballistics
Weapons - grenade trap delay
Weapons - stabilize optic
Weapons - change magnification level with menu
Weapons - holding breath
Weapons - insurgent wrench/fix caches/give insurgents wrench
Wind 1
WW2/WWII Version of Project Reality
Vehicles - 4th Seat in tanks
Vehicles - mobile command truck/spawnpoint
Vehicles - disabled vehicles from IEDs/explosives
Vehicles - variable speeds/gears/gearshifts
Vehicles - helicopter autohover
Vehicles - BlackHawk MiniGuns too Weak
Vehicles - Medivac Chopper/helicopters
Vehicles - Boats/New/adding/Models
Vehicles - +8 Seats on vehicles/aircraft -> Hardcoded, but possible workaround using spawners
Vehicles - A10 whines nerf it/ less powerfull
Vehicles - HoverCraft/LCAC/Landing Craft 1
Vehicles - Carrier/Destroyable/Aircraft/sinkable 1
Vehicles - Tanks/Throwing grenades down hatches
Vehicles - Tanks/Chinese/Type/99 1
Vehicles - Tank/clock/Directional/Warning
Vehicles - Ejectors on planes
Vehicles - Spider Tanks
Vehicles - LSG Fennek
Vehicles - Mi 24 Hind/Comanche Attack Helicopter
Vehicles - Damage on players inside
Vehicles - Enclosed HMMWVs/Humvees
Vehicles - Hotwire enemy vehicles
Vehicles - Bomber Planes
Vehicles - Airlifting
Vehicles - Cargo airplanes (C-130/C-17/etc)
Vehicles - Manual transmission (multiple gears system)
Vehicles - Laser Designation/Designator/Heat/ Lock on/Ground/Vehicles
Vehicles - Rocket pods on Blackhawk/AH-60L Blackhawk DAP
Vehicles - variable angle rocket pods on AH-64/angled rocket pods
Vehicles - Apache
Vehicles - Stryker/AAV/Bradley
Vehicles - Challenger 2/C2
Vehicles - Expeditionary Fighting Vehicle (EFV) 1
Vehicles - Kamov/Ka50/52
Vehicles - Weapon stabilisers
Vehicles - Huey/Lynx
Vehicles - Star Streak HVM
Vehicles - ATMP
Vehicles - Aircraft/Jets F16/F14/F18/F117/F35
Vehicles - Ability for CoPilots to fly
Vehicles - One parachute per spawn
Vehicles - Affectable/Degradable Windshields
Vehicles - Minelayers
Vehicles - foxholes for vehicles/vehicle revetments/vehicle cover
VoIP between squads/between squad leaders/vehicles
Vanilla BF2 class secondary weapon options
UAV commander zoom
Unrepairable Bridges
Zombie Mod

Mapper of Road to Kyongan'Ni and Hills of Hamgyong;
Genius behind many Really Stupid Ideas, and some Decent Ones.

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