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Old 2008-03-06, 02:09   #61

The Kingdom - 7/10 pretty good. Delivers a lot of information on the history of Saudi for a majority of the populace that aren't aware.

9th Company - 8/10. Russian movie. Story of a Russian Infantry Company in Afghanistan defending a hilltop against the Muj. There is a link to the parts on Youtube on my blog. is offline Reply With Quote
Old 2008-03-06, 02:53   #62
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I think that movie was possibly the most intense and heart wrenching movie of 2008 shedding light to one of the biggest issues we face (human trafficking). Probably the best movie i have ever seen.
The movie at best tangentially addressed this, it did delve into some topics, but not in a meaningful way.

10/10. Jasmin is the best looking disney princess by far.

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Old 2008-03-06, 03:18   #63
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Im all about Ariel myself, in human form of course [thinks of mermaid love] Gross....

enough said

Recently watched Sharasoju for my film studies class. Japanese film by a female director. We didnt have subs so I didnt fully understand it all. But it dealt with the loss of a brother/son and the currect pregnancy of the mother. Heartwrming film about healing and giving birth. It was good or what it was, but due to a certain lack of understanding and the fact that every shot was too long[for my tastes] I didnt really enjoy it. Maybe if I watch it again in a month or two...
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Old 2008-03-06, 03:45   #64

[uBp]Irish's Avatar

Das Leben der Andere (The Lives of Others)

amazing movie about the East German Secret Police and their investigation of people trying to get to West Germany post ww2. amazing movie and highly suggest it.

German movie, with english subtitles when needed.

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Old 2008-03-06, 15:53   #65

lonelyjew's Avatar

QFT I watched that two days ago and loved it. Post WWII isn't a great way to describe it though, it was early-mid eighties wasn't it? Also, they weren't investigating the guy for smuggling. I won't spoil why even though it's so minor but I felt the movie was more about the corruption of the system. The state, which was supposed to work for the people(they don't fail to mention how the citizens should be thankful to their state a few times), working only for the corrupt figure heads who use it against the people. But yeah, great movie, highly recommended.

Thanks luizinhuu for the find

People are hopelessly ignorant of their own ignorance.
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Old 2008-03-08, 18:53   #66

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King Kong (1933)

Epic. The special effects made me cry.

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Old 2008-03-08, 19:12   #67

Bamboo's Avatar

I went and saw Bank Job, new movie that came out yesterday.
Was really good, and lots of boobies to boot.

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Old 2008-03-08, 20:07   #68

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afaicr 'Accepted' was the last one i saw, pretty dam funny

[R-COM]BloodBane611: I do like the old school rape...However, it's a bit awkward to be a white boy blasting the old school in public....
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Old 2008-03-08, 20:23   #69
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"Ulvenatten" (which roughly translates to "The Night of The Wolves"), a Norwegian action/thriller movie. It's about a TV studio that gets taken over by terrorists during a debate show about the situation in Chechnya. It was all right, more the sort of movie you'd rent on a DVD than go to the cinema to watch.

Trailer: YouTube - Ulvenatten - Trailer

More guns and bullets make bad guys go away faster,
which in turn makes everyone in the area safer.

-Paul Howe
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Old 2008-03-09, 00:24   #70
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American History X - Amazing film. Utterly amazing.

And before that,

Goodfellas - Just brilliant.

And I've got Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas and Once Upon a Time in America and Memento and Requiem for a Dream and Flags of our Fathers and Letters from Iwo Jima to watch oh god
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2012, 7th panzer division, fast, get out of here 9gag, kill everyone, le 9gag army, movie, recommend, watched
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