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26 Jan 2020, 00:00:00 (PRT)
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Old 2018-08-03, 09:28   #11
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Default Re: Vehicle damage system update

Change looks pretty lit.
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Old 2018-08-03, 10:18   #12

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Default Re: Vehicle damage system update

Love it. APCs should finally be useful on forest and urban maps again.

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Old 2018-08-03, 10:52   #13

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Default Re: Vehicle damage system update

Really cool update, looking forward to play it when it comes out
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Old 2018-08-03, 17:39   #14

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Default Re: Vehicle damage system update

Originally Posted by Hunter291 View Post
So you did this instead of fixing aa thanks.
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Old 2018-08-03, 21:33   #15
Default Re: Vehicle damage system update

Man if you only knew what I've being saying. Its a joke man
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Old 2018-08-03, 21:53   #16

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Default Re: Vehicle damage system update

*says stupid shit*

*gets criticized*

"It was only a joke lol. How can you guys not see a joke through some words on a forum? lol"

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Old 2018-08-03, 23:55   #17

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Default Re: Vehicle damage system update

It totally wasn't a joke...

If it was a joke...Can you please acknowledge that your joke bombed?
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Old 2018-08-04, 01:08   #18

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Default Re: Vehicle damage system update

Sounds like a great change for both infantry and vehicles. Thanks!

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Old 2018-08-04, 07:18   #19
Default Re: Vehicle damage system update

Good change . Let's hope that your turret will not be down after 1 AP shot from the tank all the time. And also if you have time you could fix big weakspots on Abrams, Chinese and French tanks
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Old 2018-08-04, 08:54   #20

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Default Re: Vehicle damage system update

Originally Posted by FFG View Post
now apcs wont get tracked every lat fired at them like they were before. It required a rework because it was buggy af
Wasn't that because DEVs literally set the chance of that happening to 80% with full intention?
Seems like lately quite a few fully inentioned behaviours ingame are called a 'bugs' lol.
Fix it yourself then if it's so important to you.
DEV forbade us to try fix it ourselves, afaik only current DEV team is allowed to touch AA balance. I am pretty sure if some community faget came out with a fix right now it would not be allowed inclusion, there is a strong gatekeeping presence when it comes to balance and game meta affecting changes to PR.
Which is mostly a good thing, keeps turds like this out of the game meta. But in some cases like AA balance, i think DEVs are a bit out of touch since none of them really play CAS anymore.

In any case, the new disabling system looks really cool and i guess everyone including myself is thankful that someone took the time to improve this mechanic of the game.

Not only did the DEVs totally throw off the CAS/AA balance and make TOWs useless against tanks, no that was not enough. They also had to introduce their most controversial change yet, a 16 character limit on player names.
''Mats literally does not give a single fuck what you, me or everybody else thinks the game should be like. He doesn't care if you, me or everybody else plays the game even.'' - Frontliner
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