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22 Jan 2020, 00:00:00 (PRT)
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PR:BF2 Suggestions Suggestions from our community members for PR:BF2. Read the stickies before posting.

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Exclamation Insergent Supply/Construction System

This suggestion is an expansion off of the supply system already in place in Project reality. The whole, One supply crate is able to construct one fob, Two supply crates are able to construct multiple assets. Two small supply boxes = One normal Crate and 4 small supply boxes are needed to create assets.

In Insurgency games the insurgents do not require supplies to build their Fobs Mortars and SPG emplacements. In turn the individuals on the mortars and SPG emplacements often run low on ammunition without any viable resupply in the intimidate area they are abandoned soon after.

This is where my suggestion chimes in.
For starters

Gary, (NON EXPLOSIVE SUICIDE GARY) But the Fake Gary's, being a dump truck and all would be the perfect tool in dispersing raw materials such as Sandbags, Bricks, Wood, corrugated steel plates, Etc. There could be instead of a supply crate, A pile of Materials that gets dropped from the back of the Gary truck Just like a normal supply drop. (With added rubble/brick sounds maybe even some smoke.

Using one material pile you are able to build a Hideout and Road blocks within and expanded radius of 75 Meters.

The supply Tecki or a variant of the supply Tecki can be developed to drop One Small Size weapons crate (similar to the mechanics of dropping crates from a Huey). Having a single Weapons crate will not do much more than the ability to reload and request kits (For specified INS Factions) But with Two weapons crates you are then able to Construct Mortars and SPG emplacements near a constructed Hide out.

ANOTHER Technique could be Instead of needing Two weapons crates perhaps Insurgents only require One Materials Pile and One Weapons crate in order to build SPG emplacements and Mortars. Both Techniques will allow easier access to Ammunition reloading for SPG emplacements and Mortar pits.


Please Discuss what other Replacements for Crates on Insurgent teams would be a viable option. What do you think about this Idea overall? Please share your input.

Thank you for reading,

(UPDATE) If something as simple as using Rubble piles of Bricks to create specified assets such as Foxholes and road blocks this may fit the bill.


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