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PR:BF2 Clans For all things regarding teams and clans within PR:BF2

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Default Clan and Community Information (Updated)

In order to keep contact information as current as possible, a new thread is needed. Please post the following information, only once. If you're a community please change the "clan" modifier.

Clan Tag:
Clan Name:
Clan Website:
Clan Teamspeak IP:
Clan Ventrillo IP:
Xfire Contact:

If once you have posted this information, something changes, or you would like to update something, please PM [R-MOD]Eddiereyes909 and the appropriate changes will be made.

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Default Re: Clan and Community Information (Updated)

Clan Tag: [F|H]
Clan Name: Invictus
Clan Website: Forgotten Honor - Where Teamwork Meets Gaming
Clan Teamspeak IP: port: 9987
Xfire Contact: dutchy1199, Laim70000, michaelo01, fresz17
Language: English
Location: The world
Description: A Project Reality clan is formed from the ashes of WWIII, Invictus is a hidden unit that combats the evil, the good, the rich and the poor.

Invictus has been created in the well-known Forgotten Honor Tournament community. This means that cooperation, discipline and coordination are a natural ingredients. It is also a very organized clan. Each soldier is accommodated in a company with various tasks. It can be operating the supplies, armor, infantry, airforce and many others.

Slots are limited and only devoted soldier are permitted to be within Invictus. Awards, medals and higher ranks are available to those who do a good job. Comradeship is of high importance. We take care of our guys. All your problems are our problems.

We attack from all directions with full force.

Each company has its unique job. Each job has its unique legionnaires.

To signup for Invictus clan use the Tournament website or contact Dutch, clan leader, or Liam, Michaelo or Fresz.
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Default Re: Clan and Community Information (Updated)

Tournament Tag: IC
Tournament Name:International Conflict
Tournament Website: International Conflict - Tournament News
Tournament Teamspeak IP:
Tournament Ventrillo IP: N/A
Xfire Contact: IC-Beav
Description: We are a community of FPS players that was founded in 2004, we are currently a Joint Operations Community with members from all around the world, however we are now looking to PR as a new avenue of tournament play. This is largely brought on by several factors, the potential to host 128+ player battles, customizable maps, modding support, and the demographic that BF2 still holds to this day. Joint Operations has been good to us, but it is time to grow and expand IC to involve more than one game.
Currently we are reviewing the format we wish to develop for PR, Saturdays are looking to be the tournament day of play, and may consist of 6 hour battle days to start. We welcome any that have an interest in helping us develop this endeavor. We are excited about growing our community!!

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Default Re: Clan and Community Information (Updated)

I c what chu did thar.

Clan Tag: [SC]
Clan Name: Serpent Company
Clan Website: Serpent Company
Clan Teamspeak IP:
Clan Ventrillo IP: N/A
Xfire Contact: sniperliutenant
Language: English
Location: 'MERICA.
Description: Find out for yourself.

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Default Re: Clan and Community Information (Updated)

Clan Tag: [26MEU]
Clan Name: 26th Marine Expeditionary Unit
Clan Website: 26meu
Clan Teamspeak IP:
Clan Ventrillo IP: N/A
Xfire Contact: vance14
Language: English
Location: US
Description: We are a milsim unit with proper rank respect and real life military tactics, our members are from all around the world. We are a serious unit but we can take a laugh now and then.

Its SO evil, it may actually encourage EA to support Modding again - Pantera
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Default Re: Clan and Community Information (Updated)

Clan Tag: [USF]
Clan Name: United Special Forces
Clan Website: News - [USF] United Special Forces
Clan Teamspeak IP:
Xfire Contact: opfor118
Language: English / American
Location: Global
Description: We are a softcore milsim unit, based one some, but not all tactics from real life. A platoon structure and several divisions to choose from. We are a PR based unit, and do not have any sub sectors on other games, we are a bunch of nice gents. We are a fairly large sized unit, and have been for quite some time. Unit was founded early 2004, and Project Reality has been the home of the unit for more than 4 years now.

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Default Re: Clan and Community Information (Updated)

Clan Tag: [OD-S]
Clan Name: Operational Detachment Sierra
Clan Website: Operational Detachment Sierra
Clan Teamspeak IP: Given on request from member
Clan Ventrillo IP: N/A
Xfire Contact: rambo987, sgtmaxboz, webcole, napalmdeath47, killer01000
Language: English
Location: Europe/North America/Oceania
Description: We are not milsim clan. We rely on the dedication and skill of our members. In PR we prefer to use fast and effective tactics to achieve victory, and we can call our self a very strong enemy if you want to face us. We mostly play 32vs32 scrims, but can do smaller scale as well. We are always looking for a challange. So either join us or fight us?

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Default Re: Clan and Community Information (Updated)

Clan Tag: [434th]
Clan Name: 434th Combined Operations Brigade
Clan Website: 434th Combined Operations Brigade Website
Clan Teamspeak IP:
Clan Ventrillo IP: N/A
Xfire Contact: tbonesoldier21
Steam Contact: chaosfox21
Location:North America
Description: We are a military realism clan that uses real-world military tactics and rank structure in the games we play. We are very teamwork oriented.

You can never escape your fears, you can only conquer your fears. quote by me

ingame name ChaosFox_[434th] Steam username chaosfox21

Commanding Officer of the 434th Combined Operations Brigade
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Default Re: Clan and Community Information (Updated)

Clan Tag: =]EC[=
Clan Name: Easy Company
Clan Website:
Clan Teamspeak IP: (password is ecclan)
Clan Ventrillo IP: N/A
Xfire Contact: ivanchung22
Language: English
Location: Global clan
Description: We here for 1 mission, and our mission is to have fun
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Arrow Re: Clan and Community Information (Updated)

Clan Tag: [QRF]
Clan Name: Quick Reaction Force
Clan Website:
Quick Reaction Force
QRF in the PR-Forums
QRF on Youtube

Clan Teamspeak IP:; Port 9987; no pw
Language: German
Location: Germany, Austria, Switzerland
The Quick Reaction Force Clan is a German PR-only realism and tactics clan. We are a bunch of guys from Germany, Austria and Switzerland that want to enjoy a competitive PR-experience. We enforce maturity and fair play while enjoying huge combined arms battles on our server.

We are playing together sundays; 19:30 - 23:00 UTC+1 (mandatory for members)
and tuesdays 19:30 - 23:00 UTC +1 (voluntary for members) and happily welcome every player that joins our server that time!

The [QRF] currently consists of 9 squads ( 1x Command, 4x Inf, 2x Ground and 2x Air Vehicles) and has 27 active members.

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