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16 Jun 2019, 00:00:00 (PRT)
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PR Changelogs The changelogs for recently released Project Reality versions

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Old 2017-02-12, 16:42   #1
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Default PR:BF2 v1.4.5.0 Changelog

This small update provides additional fixes and changes to improve the game since the PR:BF2 v1.4 launch.

v1.4.5.0 is available now for servers and will soon be available to clients through the automated updater.

PR:BF2 v1.4.5.0 Changelog (2017/February/12)

  • Added option in PR Launcher settings to disable LOD switching for static objects. Experimental to test performance impact.
  • Updated Clear Server Favorites/History on Launch now also clears server logo cache.
  • Added new WHOT/BHOT switching for thermals in vehicles and weapons featuring this.
  • Fixed asset overview not correctly showing decimal spawn times.
  • Fixed commander laser marker not working.
  • Fixed snow effects showing HOT on thermal.
  • Fixed various weapons and vehicles not having proper muzzle flashes on night layers.

  • Fixed being able to get more than one rally point.
  • Fixed being able to spawn on disabled outposts.
  • Fixed commander CAS marker.
  • Fixed ban_info.log not showing banning admin.

  • Updated and optimized Lynx helicopter model.
  • Updated M2A2 Bradley gunner HUD to be less pixelated.
  • Updated coax MG of many vehicles to represent ammo per belt and total carried more realistically.
  • Fixed doorgunners clipping through sides of CH-146 helicopter.
  • Fixed VN-3 being too strongly armored.
  • Fixed MTLB 7.62 gun not overheating.
  • Fixed Mirage IIIEA R.530 MRAAM not having lock-on tone.
  • Fixed British FV101 Scorpion having green tracers.
  • Fixed ammo counter not working on multiple weapons.
  • Fixed CAS huey miniguns not having overheat HUD bar.
  • Fixed AMX10RC having odd sound issues at full speed.

  • Updated MEC AR by removing undeployed mode for MG3.
  • Updated spawnmenu kits for taliban by replacing grenadier with rifleman AP.
  • Fixed not being able to request Argentinian alternative sniper.

  • Updated M16A2 model and DMR variant animations.
  • Fixed various deviation indicators not working correctly.
  • Fixed ammo indicator and counter not working on multiple weapons.

  • Fixed various occlusion and collision issues on statics.

  • Fixed AI not being able to rotate on ZiS-3.
  • Fixed players being able to use AI-only vehicles.

  • Asad Khal
    • AAS32: Updated tickets to 600 vs 600.

  • Assault on Grozny
    • AAS64: Added 1x 50.Techie for militia
    • AAS32: Replaced 1x 50.Techie with T-62 for militia.
    • AAS16: Replaced 1x 50.Techie with 1x BRDM for militia.
    • INS64: Removed 1x 50.Techie and 1x SPG techie for militia. Reduced militia tickets by 1. Replaced 2x MTLB with 1x BMP-2(atgm) and 1x Trans truck for Russia.

  • Bamyan
    • Extended airstrip.
    • Updated overgrowth to improve performance.
    • Increased viewdistance to 1km.
    • AAS32: Made Zu-23-2 truck respawn (10 minutes). Lowered US tickets by 100 to 750.
    • AAS64: Exchanged Boragh for BTR-80, T-72M for T-72S1 and MTLB HMG for BTR-60.
    • INS64: Removed 50cal and SPG-9 technical and added transport helicopter to US forces. Lowered caches to 4.

  • Beirut
    • Skirmish64: Added new skirmish layout with light vehicles.
    • COOP: Fixed various issues.

  • Burning Sands
    • AAS: Introducing new flag layouts with altered assets.

  • Gaza
    • AAS/INS: Removed Hamas forward spawns,flags and nonrespawning civi cars.
    • AAS32: Added alternative layer with MEC vs IDF scoped.
    • AAS64:Removed IDF tank spawn delay. Increased tickets to 700.
    • INS32: Added alternative layer with scoped IDF.
    • COOP16: Added new coop layer.

  • Goose Green
    • AAS: Added 50 more tickets to British Forces on all layers.

  • Iron Ridge
    • Added additional entrance to the pumpstation.
    • AAS: Adjusted radius and location of multiple flags.
    • AAS64: Removed helicopter of Russian Forces and exchanged SPG technical for additional BMP-1.

  • Jabal
    • AAS32: Fixed spawnpoint on MEC base not working. Made ZPU-4 not respawn once destroyed.

  • Kashan Desert
    • AAS32: Removed TT-72S1 that spawned at start of round.
    • COOP: Fixed various issues.

  • Kozelsk
    • Disabled UAV.

  • Nuijamaa
    • AAS: Increased ticket bleed on all layers.
    • AAS32: Added ticket bleed.
    • AAS64: Removed French rallypoint at border control flag.

  • Operation Archer
    • INS: Made DOD around blufor mainbase smaller. Removed caches spawning in the middle of fields and the castle. Helicopters can now fly outside the map.
    • INS32: Now uses USMC instead of Canadian Forces.

  • Operation Barracuda
    • AAS: Introducing new flag layouts with altered assets.

  • Operation Marlin
    • AAS: removed checkpoint flag from all routes.

  • Silent Eagle
    • Moved jet-resupply points to be in front of hangars. Removed them from the end of the runway.
    • Moved jet spawns to be in front of hanger to avoid current and future collision issues.
    • Extended one runway for both teams in their airbases slightly.
    • AAS64: Adjusted German airbase DOD. Made german airbase capped from start with vehicles spawned. Paradrops remain for infantry. Adjusted radius of multiple flags.

  • Ulyanovsk
    • AAS32: Exchanged SPG-9 technical for BMP-1.
    • Fixed map border combat area not working.

  • Yamalia
    • Marked helipads. Removed ZiS-3 cannons.
    • AAS: Removed flags closest to main bases, added ticket bleed and expanded DOD.
    • AAS64: Changed Russian heavy assets to T-72, T-90 and two BMP-2 with ATGM.
    • AAS32: US Army vs Russian Forces. Featuring M2A2 Bradley and Stryker vs BMP-2,BMP-3 and BTR-80.
    • CNC: CNC layers mirror AAS assets.

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Default Re: PR:BF2 v1.4.5.0 Changelog

Hey, Thats pretty good.

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Old 2017-02-12, 17:02   #3
Default Re: PR:BF2 v1.4.5.0 Changelog

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Old 2017-02-12, 17:08   #4

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Default Re: PR:BF2 v1.4.5.0 Changelog

"Updated MEC AR by removing undeployed mode for MG3."

Time to go back to the 200rd M249.
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Default Re: PR:BF2 v1.4.5.0 Changelog

Originally Posted by Ahrah_alSham View Post
To the top!

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Default Re: PR:BF2 v1.4.5.0 Changelog

You can download it as of now.

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Old 2017-02-12, 17:44   #7

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Default Re: PR:BF2 v1.4.5.0 Changelog

What are the advantages of turning LOD switching off?

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Default Re: PR:BF2 v1.4.5.0 Changelog

Fixed commander laser marker not working.
I know one commander who will be pleased.
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Old 2017-02-12, 17:52   #9
Default Re: PR:BF2 v1.4.5.0 Changelog

Updated MEC AR by removing undeployed mode for MG3.
Wat. This is weirdly specific.

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Old 2017-02-12, 17:53   #10

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Default Re: PR:BF2 v1.4.5.0 Changelog

About the LOD switch, which LOD will be used now?

And can we expect performance improvements?
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