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21 Aug 2019, 00:00:00 (PRT)
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Old 2018-11-24, 11:25   #1
Exclamation Flares not re arming

So this bug is game breaking, l cant safelly fly Trans due to it!

So when l fly l like to preflare but now l cant due to this bug because my flares simply dont ressuply! They ressuply in the meter but when l click it goes back to my original number in a infinite loop, and every time l flare it actually keeps wasting until a point where lm out of flares.

When l use all of them it says lm at 60 but flares after ressuplying but it simply wont come out giving me the sound of empty flares

l knew this bug existed where it came back to a lower number if l flared after it hit 60 flares, but l was could counter it by flaring and the actuall flare number l have in my chopper starting from the moment l flared (ex: l had 28 flares when l came back, l ressuply to 60, then l flare and its back to 28 but then it really ressuplied to 60 )

Now this doesnt happen anymore, just keeps coming to the number of flares l had and decreassing until it runs out

The funny thing this is not only from my client side, it happens to every single chopper l pilot. The first time this happened l traded chopper with my Squad member (it was 3 of us) and he had the same problem in my chopper, while he didnt had it in his chopper. Same thing happened in his chopper and my SQL jumped into it and had the same problem.

This is not a 1 map bug, happens in every map, every chopper, Cow, Black Hawk, SOKOM (Polish and MEC), Huey you name it

l really hope you guys have a fix for this, basically l cant fly TRANS safelly anymore which l really like and its a pain in the ass especially when no one is doing it
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Old 2018-12-01, 20:10   #2
Default Re: Flares not re arming

This bug has been know since 1.3.9 or even earlier lol
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Old 2018-12-02, 18:47   #3
Default Re: Flares not re arming

Originally Posted by Hunter291 View Post
This bug has been know since 1.3.9 or even earlier lol
Lol its a first for me, are have they mentioned any fixes?
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Old 2018-12-05, 11:18   #4
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Default Re: Flares not re arming

Hi, Thanks for the bug report.

It's a long-standing issue. We aren't sure what's causing it. Since around v1.4+, [R-DEV]Mats391 updated the flare code in a way that makes the bug not happen as often.

It's a problem with the BF2 Engine's Mag-linking component for the ammo. It's buggy and difficult to debug.

The only alternative is somehow not using a Flare Counter system which is possible, but is a lot of work both Vehicle and HUD-wise.

vBF2 doesn't use the counter system/mag-linking which is why rearming works 100%

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arming, flares
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