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05 Jul 2022, 00:00:00 (PRT)
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Clan Recruitment Post here if you are looking for a clan, or wish to advertise vacancies within yours.

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Old 2020-05-17, 03:39   #1
Default Looking for newbie-friendly clan/group


I have a decent amount of experience in the fps genre, but this is my first serious dip into the hardcore tactical side of things (unless you count a very brief attempt at vanilla BF 2 about a decade ago during which I only succeeded in being completely flummoxed, as I had no idea what to expect) so, while my general skill level is decent (I think) I will need time to learn the maps etc. I have been watching a good bit of fps esports recently, so that gives me at least some grounding in the basics of how a tactical shooter like this works (minus the class roles) and I do, of course, own a mic and have a discord account

As for class/role preferences, my usual play style in other games inclines me toward sniper, as I usually end up turning any shooter I play into a sniping game, to whatever extent it allows, but I'm happy to fill any role that's needed. I also have a joystick, which should make vehicle-based roles more viable for me.

In case my profile doesn't show it I'm in the EST time zone (GMT -5) but my schedule is reasonably flexible.

Feel free to respond below or by PM as you prefer, although I would rather only give out my discord info by PM.

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Default Re: Looking for newbie-friendly clan/group

Feel free to hit up my unit on PRTA:

Or look into any of the other groups in the list:


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