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21 Jul 2019, 00:00:00 (PRT)
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PR:BF2 Community Modding Making or wanting help making your own asset? Check in here

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Default Lightmapping for PR - v1.3 update (samples, reference meshes,...)

Hi, as most mappers know once you get to lightmapping, it can be a real struggle to get through it. Both in the editor and 3dsmax getting the requested results isn't always easy This little update hopefully sets you on the correct path faster and will save you some time and get better results.

1. Updated lightmap samples.
In this thread , in step 5 , for the longest time we have had the BF2 Samples and a very old upload of PR statics Samples listed there.

However these links are highly out of date. We have now updated and combined all BF2 statics and PR statics LM samples into one download. This will help those who want to lightmap their map in the editor.

The link in that thread has also been updated.

2. Updated lightmap reference objects.
Using [R-DEV]Rhino's new Advanced Lightmaping in 3dsmax tutorial provides mappers with the ultimate way to generate lightmaps with the best quality. However it has a harsh learning curve with a lot of work before you can start generating them.

For those who have read the tutorial or have done it know that setting up the reference meshes for vegitation and other objects is a lot of work. Therefore me and [R-DEV]Rhino have combined our work so far on making these for multiple maps so you have a head start. This includes the following 108 already setup meshes:

Now when opening the max-scene with these reference meshes you will have to link the wizard to find all missing external textures. The window will look like this:

Use the Browse button and in the next window the Add button to locate all missing textures files. Browse to your pr_edit location and find the specified folders and it will be able to relocate all those files.

This link has also been added to rhino's tutorial. While you might still have to setup some reference meshes yourself for vegetation you are using, this max-scene will likely include already quite a few of them to save you time.

3. Master lightmap size list
When rendering lightmaps using [R-DEV]Rhino's tutorial you will also come across setting up the sizes for all of the ligthmaps. Rhino and I have combined our efforts again and combined our already done maps into one master file containing already many statics with good setup LM sizes. You will still have to setup a lot yourself but it's again a small help to set you on the right track.

Thanks to [R-DEV]K4on for hosting these files!

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Old 2017-01-28, 12:01   #2
Default Re: Lightmapping for PR - v1.3 update (samples, reference meshes,...)

Hi I have a little problem. I cant dowload lightmaps from this link:
It says:"Forbidden

You don't have permission to access /mineral/ on this server."

Please help me with it.
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Old 2017-01-28, 12:23   #3
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Default Re: Lightmapping for PR - v1.3 update (samples, reference meshes,...)

Check links here:

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Default Re: Lightmapping for PR - v1.3 update (samples, reference meshes,...)

Can someone please update the link for ?

3dsmax is not possible right now, and to fix / overcome an issue with lightmaps i have i need these samples please.



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lightmapping, meshes, reference, samples, update, v13
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