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24 Jul 2021, 00:00:00 (PRT)
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Closed Thread
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Old 2016-06-22, 21:43   #231
Default Re: PR Master Server Update

well we started on an old server that will be gone end of this month (only one box) (never had any issues)
So we moved the server to our new box , complete fresh install and mumble installation. Many connection problems on this box , but still the server was listed
To get rid of the connection problems we rented a linux box , installed completly again , and added the mumble channels..

So basicly we have three installs of three PR servers.. but only the old box seems to be working correctly (first one)

My 3rd server , the linux box , doesnot even show up in the PRSPY.. Might have something to do with the fact that box also has an FH2 server running on it. but the default ports of PR are not used on that server.

We started out with all three servers online , and listed in our server license panel.. but only 1 showed up.. It was the old box or the new box (both windows). The linux box has never been listed.

So what I decided to do was to delete all servers from the panel.. wait an hour.. and then I only registerd the linux box.. Not working.. So no dice...

I think the masterserver doesnot like some gamespy ports..I would be very nice to know how the masterserver is even trying to list those boxes.. I have no Idea.. But our installs are doomed.

So would be nice to see how the masterserver works... and which ports to use.. the default 29000 does not work on.

Seems the only box that works will be end of term this month.. pretty nasty

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Old 2016-06-22, 22:17   #232
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Default Re: PR Master Server Update

What are you guys talking about here Get on topic please.

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Old 2016-06-22, 22:26   #233
Default Re: PR Master Server Update

we are talking about your PRMaster Server update.. The same server that has many problems listing server.

So I beg the differ.. we are def. on topic

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Old 2016-07-04, 20:58   #234

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Default Re: PR Master Server Update

Can someone look into this please?

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Old 2016-07-05, 04:10   #235
Default Re: PR Master Server Update

Ok people of the PR site. Esp the DEV's Serveradmins.. or anyone controlling or has access to the masterserver

Please check this thread

PS this is still ON TOPIC... Since the MasterServer is not doing what it suppose to do !!!

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Old 2016-07-05, 20:31   #236
Default Re: PR Master Server Update

Been inactive for a long time, came back few weeks ago and I can see you guys are still giving 100% for this mod. You guys are amazing, keep it up!
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Old 2016-07-28, 09:34   #237
Thumbs up Re: PR Master Server Update


Please let me help by donating server resource to you. I have responded to the forum breach thread as it appears you have no web developers to upgrade the forums/site? I am happy to help and do this work in my own time to help the community.

I am also happy to donate server resource to you whether it be to host the website/forum/game server/master servers.

Feel free to send a PM to discuss further.
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Closed Thread

master, server, update
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