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20 May 2022, 00:00:00 (PRT)
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Post PR 0.7 Manual - Mistakes & Suggestions

Other than some odd fluency in the writing, I only found one mistake so far:

Originally Posted by Page: 27 - Aircraft
On Quinling you can only
rearm in the open area next to the aircraft hangars
Typo: Qinling?

As for suggestions, I really had hoped the manual was still online as a WIKI. That was by far the best manual you had, and should still stay that way in my opinion. Having a PDF is great and all, but I think for ease of use and accessibility, something viewed online is a lot easier.

Also, I was hoping to see specific areas telling about the kits, vehicles, aircraft, and all that stuff... Things like what type of bombs a plane has, armament in the tanks, etc. Would just sum things up a little better, and give players a better idea what has what.

EDIT: Also the landing procedures explained in the manual are very misleading and not very correct. It states you should coast at around 50% throttle and gradually slow your speed down, yet that will leave your plane at a fairly high speed. I've explained a landing in VERY simple steps here:

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Another one:

Originally Posted by "Page: 28 - Aircraft
When the target is locked on the pilot receives an accustic cue. He
may now fire the missile at the target
Typo: acoustic?

Better word would be 'audible' IMO.


Originally Posted by "Page: 23 - Construction
3) Select „PLACE X“ with X being the name of the structure to be deployed
Sub quotation mark used.

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manual, mistakes, suggestions
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